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Madripoor has always been the place for gangsters and villains to hang around and when Daken decided to move to the island to set his plans in motion I was in doubt first of what good could he gain or benefit by sticking aroung in it and in this issue this question started to be answered, since Daken finally shows what he´s up to: of course it´s money and power that comes with it - I always thought that after the downfall of Romulus, part of his empire or money would likely to be the object of Daken´s aim and since this haven´t happened (yet) I wasn´t 100% happy about this arc story in Madripoor, but with an interesting plot and captivating art, this issue brought me back to the game, making me curious about what´s Daken´s plans for Tyger, after he pulled her leg the way he did. I don´t believe this is an essencial comic book, a must read, but it´s interesting enough to keep me in, at least for a couple of issues. The best thing about this issue was the plan of Tyger to break in into the finnancial and bankers party and of course how Daken turned all this into his profit.
4 out 5

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    Last issue left me with big expectations and a bit sceptic,now that the plan was revealed,I have to say Iam hungry for more!!  Story so far Daken is unleashed!!He brought down the crime syndicates without braking a sweat,if he can turn the tide in "crime land"so easy,I wonder what can he do when he's mad?Logans demonic son managed to do what nobody ever succeed or ever tried,turn every gang against each other,erased every bit of electronic documentation and wraped his hands around Madripoors mob...

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