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The Devil´s greatest trick was fooling everyone that he was dead

To build an empire you´ll have to make tough choices and wise alliances, but since Daken has chosen Romulus´path, he must stand alone and suffer alone the consequences. The idea of this first 3 arc story - basically it´s about Daken building his empire, after Romulus´fall and his defeat for Logan - is very interesting, specially since Daniel Way´s hard and gritty dialogues came into scene, but for the plot perspective that´s all that´s good: the violent dialogues. As a  "Wolverine Goes to Hell" tie-in this issue didn´t add nothing to the main serie: didn´t explained Daken´s alliances nor Mystique´s real motives, didn´t help to solve the puzzle. It was nice to see the Fantastic Four trapped in Daken´s web and how Liu will work this throught. But why 4 stars? Because of Camuncoli´s amazing art, he´s a phenomenal penciler that is in constant evolution and growing faster and faster, specially with the contribution of Onofrio Catacchio (inker) and Frank D´Armat (colorer).

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    Okay so I should start by saying I posted on this site only 4 days ago that I was thinking of dumping this book see link  My reasoning was I'd become bored of the book, specifically this Wolverine story. I like Wolverine, I'm not one of these 'hate everything wolverine related' people but I did feel this crossover across x-23 and the wolverine relaunch was dragging the books down. I just don't care about Wolverine's trip to hell, if I did I'd buy Wolverine. Instead I buy Daken & X-23 to get ...

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