pspin's Daken: Dark Wolverine #23 - Lost Weekend, Pt. 3 review

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Daken Dark Wolverine #23 Review

Daken Dark Wolverine #23 Review


Everything ends in the amazing final issue of this series

The Good:

Everything. Seriously there was nothing I didn’t like about this issue. The writing was excellent and the art was top shelf, the chaotic style is a perfect match to the mood and action. The story was… amazing. This was high octane from the start to the finish. Most of the issue was Daken fighting various Avengers and the Fantastic Four, which was done beautifully and during the fight there are Daken’s thoughts about what makes a superhero a superhero and about his master plan and for a brief moment, he thinks about what really matters in life. Without spoiling the ending, the final page of the issue was emotionally intense. All in all Daken goes out in a way only Daken could.

The Bad:

Absolutely nothing. Well, the series is over…


This review might seem vague but that is because it is hard to accurately review without getting into plot points and spoiling this issue would be unforgivable. Any fan of the series must read this and anyone who wants to know about Daken should pick up some back issues first (21 is the beginning of the arc). This was amazing.

5 out of 5

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