magmagazer's Daken: Dark Wolverine #14 - Moonwalk, Pt. 2 review

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    I'm Seeing...Double!?

    Things go a whole other kind o' bad for the mongrel son of Wolverine in this issue -- it has to be my favourite out of the current storyline so far!

    It picks up straight after where the last issue ended, with Moon Knight and Daken busy slugging it out. It's psycho vs. psycho, so naturally some witty repartee is exchanged. It honestly made me laugh at Daken's reaction to Moon Knight who is pretending to be Wolverine. The fight itself is intense and well placed, spanning a fair portion of the issue, whilst the shift in artwork (well, at least I noticed a change in the artwork, anyhow) compliments the events transpiring.

    Then about mid-way through the issue, it shifts from the fight to Agent Donna Kiel -- and something very unexpected happens! All I'm sayin' is that if you've seen the conclusion of the recent Wolverine's Revenge storyline, well, you're in another windfall, I'd put it to you that way! This development is further enhanced by Daken's own monologue, as he experiences more of those erratic Heat visions -- with some rather interesting results.

    The issue concludes ultimately on a cliffhanger, and it leaves me yearning for more!

    The Good.

    I feel the artwork has improved an awful lot from previous issues, though there are a few shots of Daken's face that are drawn a pit perplexing. The story itself is also given the same treatment, and this issue is a lot more action packed with higher stakes.

    The Bad.

    Nothing overly wrong with this issue, but I felt the 'surprise' was a bit too soon, especially over what had transpired in Wolverine's own series. Nonetheless, it puts an interesting slant on things.

    As I have said already, the artwork at times is also a tiny bit screwy, but it's nothing to cry over.


    Overall, though, the issue's minor setbacks fail to dull the lustrous sheen of this current plot arc, and Moonwalker is fastly turning out to be the best saga of this title yet!

    4.0 // 5.0

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