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    Silence in the set and action!

    Every since Daken's first appearence and break throught into the Marvel's Universe, he has been eclipsed, in a conscient or unconscient level, by his father's shadows, and the writers kept promising that the character would leave this thing behind, giving Daken a goal of his own. Well, after becoming Madripoor's number one crimelord and paying one last visit to his father (in issue n. 9 - art by Ron Garney), Daken definitely found a place to be himself, something that Rob Williams really capitalized. It's not only the fact that Daken has decided to become Los Angeles crimelord that distinguishes him from Logan, but the fact that the writer decided to show that they have so much in common, the animal inside and even a little "hero" that was interesting, he's not trying to be his father, but he (again in a unconscious level) accepted that they share things in common. Still, Daken is doing things completely the opposite of his father (taking different directions): he has plotted to make the biggest heist in USA soil ever, he started to take a very dangerous drug and for the fist time (now in full color HD, no censorship or between the lines) he adventured in a homosexual afair (again, check issue n. 10), that will prove to be his downfall (as developed in issues 13 to 15). The plot of this arc story "Big Break" is very interesting, reminded me a lot of movies that involve big heists, some Punisher's stories, the classical good looking smart blonde detective that is trying to lock down Daken and in the end helps him, also the excellent remarks and comparisions to movies since the story is located in LA. Williams' narrative structure was awesome, showing from the beginning the conclusion scenes (definitely like in a movie like "Swordfish"), developing his relationship with Donna and fighting Taskmaster. But definitely the best thing(s) about this arc story was Daken's addiction on the drug that's affecting his healing factor and Riley Rossmo's art and colors, showing Daken's perspective when he's allucinating, fitting perfectly to show someone under the effects of drug abuse. Like I said, for the first time I saw Daken as someone free from Wolverine's figure, though he will always be his son, hence somethings cannot be removed so easily. Also, Buffagni's art was consistent, nothing spectacular, but nice.

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