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A fashion way to start things

The Good - This issue was a good read, ´cause Marjorie and Daniel used concepts that are commom to us, like Daken´s ambiguos sexual behavior (dating women and men, just to achieve his goals), his desire for tasty and quality things, the dillema of killing his father (like in the beggining of the book) and the fact that he is looking for power. This initiative of lurking out of Romulus´and Logan´s shadows, in an attempt to create his own, is a very good premise. It´s also a good read because of the mystery involving the older character who felt betrayed by Daken, what did Daken wanted with the fashion little guy (Donatello) and what are their roles in Logan being sent to Hell: that spice things a little. I guess Camuncoli´s art is at his best in this issue and I credit D´armatta´s colors, it made all the difference; also with this inker from Italy (Onofrio Cattachio) Camuncoli´s art improved a lot, it´s a good combination. The history of Daken in the last pages was pretty good too
The Bad - Although it was an "invitation" from the mysterious character, I think that brawl was unnecessary (the scenes were ok, nice moves and the only action of the book, but it was a little pointless), also I´m not enjoyng Raven´s part in this arc story. 
The Verdict - If you put together the writing and the art you have a solid book, worthy picking up.
4 out 5

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