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Better than before 0

I never cared much for Daken in either Wolverine Orgins or the Dark Wolverine series, but this one suprised me alot by being actually interesting. The story is about Daken wanting to build an empire and stop living in the shadows of his father. It is an interesting premise and Daken does make for an good villian protagonist. Because he is far from a hero. Some may have a problem with his asshole personality, which is to me annoying as he is that more than he is funny. It is not great, but i am i...

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Daken: Dark Wolverine Issue 1 0

Well, it's time for a new Dark Wolverine series, not even a month after the last Dark Wolverine series ended. On the bright side though, now I don't have to read all the past Wolverine books to get a sense for Daken and Romulus and everything going on. Instead I get to jump right into Daken: Dark Wolverine! Excitement building!   The issue opens with 50 years ago, Wolverine is stumbling about and falls into a heap of mud as we hear Daken monologuing about how much he hates Wolverine. So much so...

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Daken: Dark Wolverine #1 Review 0

     *Warning, I am no Daken expert, I just reviewed it how I saw it* Thought a #1 would be a goog jumping off point.   Following Daken's stint as a Dark Avenger and following his battles with his father, The Fantastic Four, and  Punisher, Daken strikes out on his own once again. There is a few themes or keyphrases in this book that start in the beginning and are reintroduced at the end which I thought was pretty cool actually. At one point in the book Daken is making out with a model in Mila...

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He wants it all! 0

Summary:          The issue opens up with Daken atop a hill, watching Wolverine  through a sniper scope.  Through his inter-monologue, we learn of Daken's aspirations to be a good man.-the kind that people talk about with respect rather than pity.  He appears earnest in his desire to be a good man.  The one obstacle standing in his way, is his father, Wolverine.  Wolverine's mere existence fills Daken with a  fiery hate and fury that drives him insane.  Daken feels it's his destiny to give wolve...

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A fashion way to start things 0

The Good - This issue was a good read, ´cause Marjorie and Daniel used concepts that are commom to us, like Daken´s ambiguos sexual behavior (dating women and men, just to achieve his goals), his desire for tasty and quality things, the dillema of killing his father (like in the beggining of the book) and the fact that he is looking for power. This initiative of lurking out of Romulus´and Logan´s shadows, in an attempt to create his own, is a very good premise. It´s also a good read because of t...

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Good Comic... But lacking 3

Good: This issue really goes into Daken's Psychology, showing how he thinks and acts. Since Romulus's Empire is ruined, Daken is now trying to build his own. It features Daken explaining how he will build up his empire, while still sharing room for Daken's life. The thing that  confused me was Daken talking to the human torch, I don't recall them becoming friends, now cross-reference that with cover #4 and it's funny. The Art was really superb, It is so full of texture. It shows that Daken is so...

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In the shadow of Romulus 0

Daken is back.My favorite anti hero(he isn't like a villain from my point of view) is back!!!I haven't been reading much comics since Siege with the exception of Amazing Spider-Man so it was good to have a few recap pages which told the story of Daken.The first issue was really interesting.We get a dose of drama,action,sex(?!) and even humor.Daken's quotes are awesome too and his inner dialog/monologue,thoughts or whatever... Starting in Milan,Italy Daken is getting ready to jump in action again...

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