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    Daina is the Czech member of the Warsaw Pact version of GI Joe-the Oktober Guard.She is a fierce combatant,a skilled pilot,and a remarkable sniper.Her looks don't bother anyone either!

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    Daina assists the Oktober Guard in an unofficial mission deep inside American territory. The Joes had gone to Cobra's stronghold to rescue a member Cobra had kidnapped. This member is Throwdown, who is part of the powerful ninja clan known as the Arashikage.

    While the Guard had their own problems with the Joes, they respected them for being honorable. A long-ago mission had seen the Joes risk their own lives simply to evacuate the Guard out of a dicey situation. The Guard ultimately chose to side with the Joes in this certain mission.

    Simply getting to America involved multiple battles, where Daina's sniper skills saved the team.

    During the confrontation, the Guard also allied with the Dreadnoks. This group provided invaluable assistance to the mission. The Dreadnoks are led by Zartan, who thanks to working closely with the Arashikage Clan, had developed his own sense of honor that obligated him to assist. All three groups ultimately rescue Throwdown and escape Cobra's forces.


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