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    Metropolis' premier news outlet.

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    The Daily Planet's intrepid team of journalists have won many awards for their local, national and international coverage.

    The paper is particularly known for having always closely followed the activities of Superman.

    The Daily Planet staff includes:

    Jack Donovan (sports reporter)

    Clark Kent (staff reporter)

    Lois Lane (staff reporter)

    Mart Lane (shipping news reporter - no relation to Lois)

    Morton (an early editor, predates both White and Taylor)

    Jimmy Olsen (cub photographer)

    George Taylor (editor, retired 1940)

    Perry White (editor-in-chief)

    Bronze Age Daily Planet

    The Daily Planet reporters confronting Morgan Edge over the company's age policy. (from Superman #280)

    From left to right: Morgan Edge, Clark Kent, Percy Bratton, Margaret
    From left to right: Morgan Edge, Clark Kent, Percy Bratton, Margaret "Meg" Tempest, Steve Lombard, Lois Lane, Unknown, Lola Barnett, Jimmy Olsen, Ryan Lowell and Melba Manton.


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