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    A New York City daily newspaper and the main competitor to the Daily Bugle.

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    A newspaper in the Marvel universe, which first appeared in Fantastic Four #2. The paper is known for being somewhat more sleazier then the Daily Globe, but often got news-scoops that made the paper a well read one and from time to time even outsold the Daily Bugle on the stands.

    Major Story Arcs

    A New Face

    Peter Parker, star photographer of the Daily Bugle from time to time even applied 'the Globe' photos when 'the Bugle' would not take them. At one time, Peter even joined the ranks of the Globe's news team when he was fed-up with J.Jonah Jameson (owner of the Bugle)'s behavior. A famous reporter of the Daily Globe was Eddie Brock, whom had the scoop of revealing the true identity of Sin Eater. It later turned out to be a mistake, witch ruined Eddie Brock's career at the Globe (witch eventually resulted in him becoming Venom). The Daily Globe also had another scoop, and made it public (with the help of the FBI) that lawyer Matt Murdock was Daredevil. Daredevil later on sued the paper for slander.

    Other Universes

    Another possibly unrelated newspaper appeared on the second appearance of Two-Face in Detective Comics #68 (and reprints).


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