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Recently during the events of the Gauntlet story arc featuring Electro, Electro starts a smear campaign against Dexter Bennet, promoting truth in media, and power to the people. After effectively gaining donations from his so called followers, he pays the Mad Thinker to augment his powers for better control. After the procedure he fights Spider-man, and becomes a concentrated bolt of energy which heads to the DB, to end it forever.

Another fight ensues between Spider-man and Electro, resulting in the collapse of the Daily Bugle building which leaves Dexter Bennet's legs crippled. Upon witnessing it's collapse, J. Jonah Jameson feels remorse for the company he had pumped life into for so long. It is unclear whether or not the Daily Bugle will return, due to its history of being destroyed and resurrected, Betty Brant also stated that all recovery funds had been used for Bennet's positive P.R. campaign during Electro's protesting.

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