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  • Name: Diago Kazama
  • DOB: September 15th
  • Blood Type: AB
  • Hight: 199 CM
  • Weight: 89kg
  • Nationality: Japanese
  • Family: Akira Kazama (younger sister)
  • Likes: Enka, Heroic movies
  • Dislikes: Caterpillars and dishonorable things

Daigo Kazama is a character off of the game Rival Schools: United by Fate. He is the older brother of Akira Kazama and attends Gedo High were he is the leader of the school's gang. Even though he was a gang leader, he went off alone to find the people (or person) who was responsible for all of the kidnapings that were going on around his school. But it shows that he was beaten and brainwashed by Hyo Imowano, but is freed by Akira, Edge and Gan at the end of Akira's story.

Basic Move

Super Parry: While his partner looks on in awe, Daigo ignores a string of attacks from his foe before uppercutting them away.

Special Move

Phoenix Fist:Daigo straight punches. Can repeat up to 3 times for a punch combo.
Phoenix Kick:Daigo swings twin roundhouses out at his opponent.
Skull Aura:Daigo punches out a skull shaped energy burst.

Super Move

Phoenix Furry:Daigo punches out at his opponent, on contact he follows with a barrage of powerful punches and kicks.

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