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Once upon a time, on a planet who's name has long been forgotten, there was a war between two opposing factions of priests. Needing soldiers for their war, one faction summoned a species known as the Mygorg and the other summoned the Mygorg's enemies, the Yorg. When the Mygorg and the Yorg realized how much the priests were depending on them to fight the war and how much stronger they were than the priests, they turned on their summoners and enslaved them.

Now, 400 years later, Dagan was a renegade priest. While searching a ruined temple for weapons, he hears a woman scream. Recognizing the woman, Starfire, as a human, he leaps in to save her and takes her back to his camp in his floater.

He teaches Starfire how to fight with both weapons and her fists. After Starfire's inexperience almost gets her killed on a hunting trip, his relief leads the two to become lovers.

Soon after, their camp was raided by soldiers loyal to Sookaroth. Though Starfire was away on a hunting trip, Dagan was captured and tortured. Starfire is able to get to the dungeons before he dies, but he takes his last breath in her arms.

Starfire: Oh, no! W-What have they done to you?

Dagan: I'm afraid... Sookaroth doesn't take kindly to be bested by a human... His vengeance... is thorough indeed...

Starfire: Don't worry, master, I'll get you back to camp and--

Dagan: No, Starfire... I'm afraid it's all over... for me... But you... For you, it's just beginning... I've taught you as best I can... That a person belongs to no one... but himself. And it is that knowledge alone... that can set this world free... but only... if you've the courage... to accept it... It's up... to you... now... my... love..


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