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    He is an animated cartoon character produced by Warner Bros. Voiced by Mel Blanc, Daffy Duck is a cunning, scheming and sly cartoon character. Daffy Duck also has been depicted as the best friend and occasional arch-rival of Bugs Bunny. Daffy's Female counter-part goes by the name of "Mellisa Duck".

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    Daffy Duck is a Golden Age Cartoon character who was created in 1937, by Tex Avery and Bob Clampett. ro be a greedy, hot-headed and generally just in a bad-mood duck, he's very anti-social and edging on insanity.

    Character Evolution

    Daffy was one of the original creation of the "screwball" archetype. His main shtick was annoying enemies and running around, while yelling, "HOO-HOO, HOO!!!"


    As stated above this is when Daffy was mainly a "Screwy Squirrel" type character. And as a result is generally considered the most different from his current and longest adaptation. During this time, he mostly appeared as the aforementioned screwball or as an antagonist to, his then enemy/friend Porky Pig. In his first appearance, "Porky's Duck Hunt", Daffy is being hunted by Porky and precedes to evade him the entire short. In his second appearance, and his first official cartoon, "Daffy and Egghead", Daffy has a completely one handed battle with Egghead.

    Early 40's

    Daffy and Porky
    Daffy and Porky

    During the early 40s Daffy mostly keeps the same personality as before; however, his shorts were basically focused on him fighting in various battles of World War II. This is also the time when Porky and Daffy began appearing together as a comedy team of sorts. However; he had two very notable cartoon during this period of time.

    The first was the 1940s cartoon "You Ought To Be in Pictures". In this cartoon, Daffy convinces "his old pal" Porky to quit Leon Schlesinger's studio, so that Daffy can become the studio's big star. The cartoon is groundbreaking in that, though it wasn't the first, it was one of the first successful attempts to put animation and people together on the big screen and was voted the 32 Greatest cartoon in 1994. The second is 1943s "Porky's Pig Feat". In the cartoon, Daffy actually calls Bugs "his hero" and calls him to help him out of a tight spot. This showcases just how different Daffy's personality, and by extension this interpretation, was in the early days.

    Late 40's

    During the mid to late 40s is when remnants of the current and most famous adaptation of Daffy first began to appear. In the re-imagining of Daffy he became more mellow, a lot less screwy, and more savvy. He was now as quick witted as he was zany. During this time is when he was fixated into his long and famous run as partners with his one-time enemy Porky Pig.


    This is officially when Daffy's "Screwball" personality, was taken away. He was redesigned into less zany and even more cunning character. He was made more sympathetic, by making most people generally dislike him. However, to balance, he was made arrogant, conniving, and just slightly cowardly. These traits were most helpful with possibly his most famous pairing with Bugs Bunny. Their classic and timeless antics can be showcased in cartoons such as, "The Hunting Trilogy", "Ali Baba Bunny" and "Beanstalk Bunny",

    His other, and arguably more famous appearances are in his parodies of common movie genres. As a matter of fact, during this era just about every short involved on another non-sequential adventure, with Porky Pig as his sidekick. This is opposite of Daffy's earlier shorts, where he's sidekick to Porky, the more famous character.


    Daffy really hasn't changed a lot since the 50s. he's made appearances in just about every Looney Tunes Special and Comics since then and will continue to. He now appears alongside Bugs, in the current The Looney Tunes Show, where is co-protagonist. This adaption of Daffy is pretty different from most portrayals, mainly because it more or less eliminates the conniving, savvy, and cunning part of his personality. However, he is still funny and is at least not a fool.


    Originally, Daffy look exactly like a small duck would., but as his personality changed, he, like most Looney Tunes, became more of a humanoid animal than anything growing to roughly four feet. However he's always been a duck with an orange bill and completely black feathers, save for a ring of white feathers around his neck.


    As mentioned above, Daffy was originally created with the "Screwball" personality. He later involved into a sympathetic, cunning dogged guy. Until he set firmly into evolved into the cunning, conniving, and arrogant dogged guy we've come to love.

    Major Story Arcs

    Duck Amuck

    Is considered one of the few achievements in Animation Masterpieces. It stars Daffy Duck in a Post-Modern, Fourth Wall- Breaking cartoon. In the cartoon, Daffy appears on the scene and as he acts, the scenery changes. He then starts talking to the artist and engages in a number of hi-jinks which cause harm physical and to his Sanity. In the twist ending, it turns out the artist is Bugs Bunny

    Duck Twacy

    Duck Twacy appears in the 1946 short "The Great Piggy Bank Robbery" is Bob Clampett parody of the Dick Tracy Comics and film noir style as a whole.After his own Piggy Bank goes missing, Duck Twacy goes deep into the underworld and fights of hundreds of enemies in pure Dick Tracy fashion. This is cartoon is number 16 on the 50 Greatest Cartoons List.

    Duck Dodgers in the 24 1/2 Century

    Duck Dodgers first appears in the 1953 short, :"Duck Dodgers in the 24½th Century". Duck Dodgers is a parody of Buck Rogers and the space genre as a whole. In his first appearance, Duck Dodgers and his Eager Young Space Cadet, Porky Pig, has war with Marvin The Martian which causes the obliteration of the planet they were trying to claim. This cartoon is groundbreaking because it was fun entertaining, yet subtle in its cautionary tale about what would happen if the world faced a nuclear war. It was voted #4 on the list of 50 Greatest Cartoons.

    The Duck Dodgers character was so popular, that it spawned an entire series which lasted for three seasons.

    Green Loontern

    Daffy as Green Loontern
    Daffy as Green Loontern

    one of the most memorable episodes came from the first season; in which Dodgers outfit gets switched with, Green Lantern, Hal Jordan's at the cleaners.

    Book Revue

    "Book Revue" is a 1945 short which stars Daffy. The short takes place in a library, characters from a various number of books, and starts putting on a show. Even Frank Sinatra is there. Tired of all the noise, half way through Daffy Duck shows and this is the fun really starts. He steps from a Looney Tunes Comic He dons a blond wig, a suave purple shirt, and a smooth accent

    He then does his rendition of "Carolina in the morning". He sees Red Riding Hood, and tells her about the horrors of going to see The Big Bad Wolf. Then the Big Bad Wolf shows up and chases Daffy through a number a books, until Daffy tricks him into falling in Dante's Inferno. Daffy and Red Dance and that's the end.

    One of Daffy's most famous moments is in this short, when he does his signature Clampett Corneal Catastrophe, and his entire body transforms into an eye, when he first sees the wolf. This was voted #45 on the 50 Greatest Cartoons list.

    Daffy Duck & Egghead

    Daffy Duck & Egghead is the second cartoon featuring Daffy Duck. It is basically a remake of the his first appearance, Porky's Duck Hunt. The short revolves around an inept hunter Egghead, an early model of Elmer Fudd, and his attempt to capture Daffy Duck at his most screwball. Hilarity ensues. The cartoon is known for it's quick pacing, quick pans, and for Egghead shooting a member of the audience interrupting him while hunting. Daffy also performs his own rendition of the classic Merrie Melodies "The Merry Go Round Broke Down", it goes as following.

    Scarlet Pumpernickel

    Daffy as the Scarlet Pumpernickel
    Daffy as the Scarlet Pumpernickel

    The Scarlet Pumpernickel appears in the 1950 short of the same name. He is a parody of the book, The Scarlet Pimpernickel, Errol Flynn, and the swashbuckling film genre as a whole. The short begins with Daffy trying to convince founding member Jack (J.L.) Warner of the Warner Bros., to stop typecasting him in comedies and to put him in more serious roles. The short is about the Scarlet Pumpernickel as he battles for the love of Melissa Duck from the evil Grand Duke, played by Sylvester Cat. It ranked at number 31 on the list of 50 greatest cartoons.

    This is also the cartoon where Daffy revealed his actual middle name Dumas.

    Robin Hood

    Daffy as Robin Hood
    Daffy as Robin Hood

    Robin Hood Daffy appears in the 1958 short of the same name. The entire short is about a hapless Robin Hood, trying to convince a Friar, Porky Pig, that he is actually Robin Hood.

    Western-Type Hero

    No Caption Provided

    Premiered in 1951, he was a parody of the western genre and was accompanied by his sidekick, Porky Pig, aptly named Comedy Relief.

    50 Greatest Cartoons

    Daffy appears in more than 15% of the list of 50 Greatest Cartoons. And is in two of the top 5. He also has more appearances on the list than any other character with 9 appearances.

    2. "Duck Amuck"

    4. "Duck Dodgers in the 24½th Century"

    16. "The Great Piggy Bank Robbery"

    30. "Rabbit Seasoning"

    31. "The Scarlet Pumpernickel"

    34. "You Ought to be in Pictures"

    35. "Ali Baba Bunny"

    45. "Book Revue"

    47. "A Corny Concerto"


    Daffy and Porky

    Daffy and Porky were only enemies for a short amount of time before they became partners. As the years went by Porky became Daffy's sidekick in just about all of his adventures. Even in the Duck Dodgers series.

    Daffy and Bugs

    Daffy and Bugs probably have the most complicated relationship of all Looney Tunes. Since the beginning they've been showcased as being friends. However as soon as the fifty's Daffy shows signs of jealousy and general disdain for Bugs. However, the two are nearly always shown as what could only be called, best friends. Always taking trips together, always at events and teaming up against enemies countless times. As stated above in Daffy's earliest appearances, he actually stated Bugs as his hero. How things have changed.

    Daffy and Melissa/Tina Russo Duck

    Over Daffy's history he's had two official girlfriends. The first was Melissa Duck she appeared in a lot of Daffy. She was the princess and love interest in The Scarlet Pumpernickel and the his girlfriend in Muscle Tussle. She is usually described as fair and sweet, if somewhat superficial.

    She was also a character on Baby Looney Tunes

    Her spiritual successor in Tiny Toon Adventures was Shirley The Loon.

    Tina Russo Duck is Daffy's new girlfriend in the show, The Looney Tunes Show. She is shown to have a thick sort of Latin accent, and is very tough and street smart. She is immediately attracted to Daffy because she's loves a project. Whether or not she is actually Melissa Duck, is pretty much just speculation though they look alike, they have completely different personalities. Daffy first went on a date with her in the episode Double Date. In the episode Daffy wins a dinner for two at a fancy restaurant, and though it seems like it will go bad, Tina really likes Daffy and has a good time.

    Daffy, Porky and Bugs: Id, Ego, and SuperEgo

    In most modern adaptations, Daffy is usually cast as a sort of Three Musketeers, along with Porky and Bugs. Daffy is the id, the person who moves on impulse. Porky, is the Ego, or the Everyman, and Bugs is the SuperEgo, or the person who moves towards perfection.

    Daffy and Speedy

    In the shorts closer to the end of the Warner Bros Animation Studio. Daffy was cast as the antagonist of variety of Speedy Gonzales shorts, where he of course, fails to catch Speedy.


    "Hoo-Hoo, Hoo Hoo.

    You're Despicable

    Duck Season Fire!!!!

    In Other Media

    Along with the Looney Tunes shorts, Daffy has appeared has appeared in all movies, and comic books also.


    Daffy Duck's Treasure Island and Quackbusters

    Both of the films are editions of Warner Bros' successful compilation movies, Treasure Island, Daffy is set again to parody of another genre. This time however, mainly of the 1970s show, Treasure Island. It stars Daffy, parodying Mr. Roarke, and Speedy Gonzalez, parodying Tattoo. The movie is mostly a compilation of Daffy Duck shorts, with the parody appearing and being carried out, between shorts.

    Quackbusters is considered one of Looney Tunes best compilation shorts ever. The story begins with inheriting money from a deceased benefactor. When the benefactor's ghost returns because Daffy isn't using the money right, Daffy vows to hunt down ghosts, like the benefactor. It is a direct parody of Ghostbusters and the alien hunting fad. Unlike Treasure Island, the shorts and the plot both have a lot of time and are woven together to create a pretty well put together film. Of significant note it is also the last film to feature the voice talents of Mel Blanc.

    Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

    In Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Daffy like most classic characters had a cameo role. He and Donald Duck are playing Hungarian Rhapsody no. 2. Called dueling pianos, they physically hurt each other the entire act, and can't finish, because both pianos break down, Marvin Acme commenting "Those ducks are funny, they can never finish the act." He also makes a cameo at the end when Judge Doom is melted, standing with all of the other Golden Age Royalty,

    Space Jam

    In Space Jam, Daffy is the Tritagonist, or the third most important person in the film, Michael Jordan and Bugs being the Protagonist and Deuteragonist, or the 1st and 2nd most important respectably. Daffy's personality is completely the same as usual, however, this is the first instance, where it's shown that Daffy and Bugs are completely best friends, instead of the love/hate relationship they normally have.

    Bah, Humduck! A Looney Tunes Christmas

    Bah, Humduck! A Looney Tunes Christmas, Is a Looney Tunes adaption of the classic Christmas story, A Christmas Carol. Which features Daffy in the main role as a Ebenezer Scrooge version of him.

    It is a retelling of the story, but with all of the Looney Tunes hijinks accordingly.

    Looney Tunes: Back In Action

    Daffy appeared in Looney Tunes: Back In Action.

    Comic Books

    Daffy had his own singular title from the 50s, which has more or less ongoing in numerous adaptations up until the 1980s. However, Daffy has continued being in the various Looney Tunes comics since the 50s. He's appeared in more issues of the current installment than anyone else.


    Daffy Duck Rhapsody

    In 1950, Mel Blanc recorded a comic song called Daffy Duck Rhapsody,

    Daffy Duck Rhapsody Record
    Daffy Duck Rhapsody Record

    which was written by, Warren Foster, Billy May, and Michael Maltese. The lyrics are as followed.


    My name is Daffy

    There's no other duck like me

    Because I'm so daffy

    And the reason I'm daffy

    And so gosh-darned riff-raffy

    And so screwy and laffy

    Is because those hunters won't leave me alone

    Oh, why don't they hunt some other animal for a change

    So, that I won't have to end up on a kitchen range

    But no, duck hunting's all the rage and they won't let me be

    And I'm so full of bullets, I'm lit up like a Christmas tree

    There's so much I'd like to do if I just had the chance

    I'd like to play and romp and even sing and do a dance

    I would read the latest book

    Go swimming in the babbling brook

    I'd like to fly the seven seas

    Play hide and seek among the trees

    I'd play hop scotch and double dutch

    And this and that and things and such

    I know that isn't asking much

    But all these things I daresn't touch

    It's bang! bang! here, and bang! bang! there

    Bullets flying everywhere

    I can't stand it any longer

    I get weak and they get stronger

    Hunters to the right of me

    Hunters to the left I see

    Over hill and over dale

    Bullets whizzing past my tail

    There's no rest and there's no peace

    Won't this shooting ever cease

    Morning, noon, and through the night

    That's why I look such a fright


    I'm only sixteen yards ahead


    They're shooting straight at me

    HOO! HOO! HOO!

    They won't let up until I'm dead

    HOO! HOO! HOO!

    Why can't they let me be

    Why don't they hunt big wild moose

    Or chase a Ranger on the loose

    There's possums, chipmunks, caribou

    Or rabbits for a rabbit stew

    Rats and squirrels, porcupines

    Monkeys swinging on the vines

    Leopards with or without spots

    Wild cats with or without dots

    Elephants, badgers, kangaroos

    Lions, tigers, cows that moo

    Wolf and mice and prairie ox

    Red and grey and silver fox

    DAFFY! They drive me daffy!

    Those hunters with their great big guns

    They're all uncles, cousins, fathers, sons

    Crazy! They got me hazy

    With all that rootin'-flootin'-hootin'-tootin'-high-falootin' noisy


    Closer! They're gettin' closer

    With shot-guns, pistols, bows and arrows, riffles, knives, and other

    deadly trifles

    Scram now! While I'm still able

    You're nutty to think that I'm gonna end up on somebody's dinner


    Sooooo, Good-bye!

    So long now!

    Woo-hoo, woo-hoo, woo-hoo, woo-hoo, woo-hoo, woo-hoo, woo-hoo, woo-

    hoo, woo-hoo...

    On the flip side of this record, was another comic song by Mel Blanc about Bugs Bunny called, "I'm Glad I'm Bugs Bunny".

    The song "Daffy Duck Rhapsody", will be featured on the Brand new Daffy Short Daffy Rhapsody.


    Tiny Toon Adventures

    In Tiny Toon Adventures, he, like the rest of the Looney Tunes gang, is an instructor at Acme Looniversity. Being instructor to all and personal mentor to his Spiritual Successor, Plucky Duck. His most memorable episodes involves his tutelage of Plucky, including the episode when he taught the students wild takes. Daffy and Bugs seem to be the most prominent teachers at Acme University. Teaching numerous classes, hosting competitions and chaperoning all extra-curricular activities, such as the school dance and film festival.

    Plucky was featured in at least to homages to Daffy's original shorts. In "Duck Dodgers Jr." Daffy and Plucky venture so they can compete and battle Marvin The Martian and his protege Marcia Martian. As Daffy and Marvin begin with their rivalry, Marcia and Plucky go to play.

    And in "The Return Of Pluck Twacy", Plucky pays homage to Daffy's character Duck Twacy.

    Baby Looney Tunes

    Baby Daffy is a lot like his future self, though greedy and wanting personal gain, at least half the time he has good intent.

    Loonatics Unleashed

    Daffy Duck is represented in this show by his descendant Danger Duck. His personality is an exact copy of Daffy from the 50s-on.


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