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Daemonites are a warrior culture hailing from Daemon whose study of complex metaphysics delivers advanced technical means of conquering galaxies.

Technology of the Daemon

The capacity for innovation and construction rivals that of the Khera, a long hated enemy of the invasive Daemonite species whom they've battled for an eternity on end. While much of their more extraordinary fabrications remain on the home planet, ever since their warlike contingent intersected with the Kherubim over the recently forming Earth; much of which can only be found here or there across the planet both empires have chosen to placate their long spanning feud as their battleground. Said planet which the old enemy (as the Kheran call them) having never truly been visited, much less seen too often, throughout the entire Wildstorm imprints run. The only time the planet Daemon had been seen in comics, during World's End no less, was when The Authorities recently revitalized shiftship was drawn away from the broken Earth with their flight path crossing into the seat of their dominions planetary orbit. Where a swarm of ships piloted by bloodthirsty Daemonite warriors would assail the heroic explorers vessel unprovoked. Showcasing an uncanny level of technological savvy in the form of their intestellar space fighters which did considerable damage to the Carrier before they were dispatched in a retaliatory strike by the great arc. Since they were once in servitude to the Kheran it can be assumed that much of their technology had been either stolen or reverse engineered from the Kheran's own engineering. But beyond the simple need of incredibly advanced devising's of simple mechanical fabrication, while their eternal adversaries relied on a paramount of advanced microtechnology. The Daemonites main focus of constructive usage revolved around biotechnology, the appellation of advanced eugenic and psychological mechanical aptitude for breeding and enhancing supertropical physiological traits in any given species they chose to focus their attentions upon, themselves included. In spite of this, they were not averse to relying on less visceral and more inanimate equipment in their attempts for galactic conquest. They could even fashion potent long distance traversal rem-state containment faculties known as the Sleep-Net. Some of their more adept scientists were skilled in accessing various extra-dimensional venues, engaging in scientific study of which through their biomechanical Scout Drones, Incredibly advanced combat and observation automatons which they sent into the passages between realities as a means of gauging it's depths. A single one of these was powerful enough to give the likes of Majestros of Khera a difficult time; even being able to stymie the combined might of their worlds most powerful Warlord and the humanoid kryptonian apparatus known as the Eradicator before it eventually dissipated due to bleed corruption. It's entirely possible that these exploratory biodroids are the Daemon's answer to the Kherubim's Spartan Guard.

Space Travel

Daemonite transport barges are for more than simple intergalactic traversal amongst the endless sea of stars. A Daemon officer once commented that the power of their command ships alone are powerful enough to annihilate entire planets. Their more exotic hulks are capable of hyperspace travel and superpositioning while carrying a Daemonite based mineral intelligence that responds to the psychic signatures of other Daemon hosts, as well as accessing The Bleed; the dimensional membrane which cordons off universes from each other, allowing them to traverse and visit parallel universes at will. Said steamers (and the other such crafts) act as carriers for top of the line munitions and technology of the homeworld, often acting as fighter carriers which holster an armada's worth of Daemon warriors kept in cold stasis till the time it's handler chooses to unleash the hoard stored aboard these vessels. More importantly, said liners also have vast information gathering and cataloging capabilities. Keeping a sizable monitoring spool pertaining to the collective number of alien and alien hybrid individuals upon the face of the Earth, potentially throughout the galaxy even. Very useful for tracking and procuring the locations of potential initiates or enemies of any particular faction whosoever commandeers these mighty juggernauts. Like their Kherubim styled counterparts, Daemonite ships are considered to be the size of mountain ranges to full blown urban environments. With uniquely styled teleportation, virtual reality, and suspended animation technology aboard these transports; mainly used for sedating and comforting onboard passengers. They also serve as training and detention facilities placated with mental conditioning technologies for breeding potent brainwashed super soldiers for the ships handlers to deploy at their leisure.


While many Daemonites prefer to fight tooth & nail with their superior physical abilities in closed quarters. They often gear their inventive design towards arsenalized war parts capable of razing cities, even whole biosphere's to the ground if need be. Some of their most prominent armaments are the special suits stylized for stealth as well as heavy combat infantry; pertaining to the Daemonite Flash Suit. A heavy ballistics convoy deployed in a bright aura emanation as an exoskeleton with dense armor plating and high-powered wrist mounted gunnery. Able to discharge an unknown blast release that disintegrates everything caught in its flight path, all of which is powered by a finite energy source that lasts up to 15 minuets time. Grifter surmises said weapons tech granting their wearers the killpower of an army battalion before said power supply runs out, enabling the Daem to mow down enemy combatants like chaff in a wheat field with relative ease. The metallic shell is also resistant to high impact forces which further strengthens their protected and already bulletproof hide while activated. Other such exomantle designs includes the more preferred equipment piece amongst Daemon soldiers called the Stealth Suit; utilized by various strike forces in their commandant class's employ. They are designed for infiltrating enemy territory unimpeded without a seconds notice. The thought activated Daemon Tech chassis comes equipped radar dampening circuitry lined within it's micro-weave mesh and coolant systems to fool thermal imaging. This working in tandem with it's infrared sensors and sound bafflers serving to maximize night based infiltration while minimize the wearers audio profile makes for the ultimate stealth arsenal for full-scale tactical assaults. Although lighter on munitions compared to it's battle ready counterpart, the Stealth Suit comes with a variety of adequate offensive utilities to complement it's kinetic diffusion fabric designed for penetrative force deflection from base artillery impacts. They come equipped with personalized laser batteries for dealing with most targets while razor sharp spurs lined all along the forearm make for lethal tools of assassination's in quick, stealthy encounters. Silenced rocket boosters detailed around the hips and lower back give their wearers increased mobility while also providing limited areal ability. Daemonites have other types of energy weapons, forcefield technology, thought powered apparati as well as other advanced arms created for planetary to galactic conquests/genocides when the need arises, but being as much a bunch of murder machines as any deadly xenobiological life form that they are, they scarcely need bother to employ such drastic overkill when it comes to subjugating other races. One such device of world ending power is the The Psiclotron, a device considered to be a weapon of mass destruction fueled by an unknown matter comprised of pure psioplasmic elements. It functioned by leeching the very intellectual acumen of bright minded individuals and converted it into raw energy for an undisclosed purpose, the subject in question whom came under the effect of such a construct would be left in a vegetative state afterwards. Their gifted genius used as fuel to power the diabolical device. Its effects were so terrifying that even the Daemon feared assembling, let alone using it and the introduction of any carbon lifeform destroyed the organism along with the Psiclotron itself as they annihilated one another in a matter/anti-matter like collision. Daemonites were not limited to the stealthy yet overt elements of combat, they were also into biological warfare as well; as adept at genetic engineering as they are they also like to employ deadly virulent's in battle that're keyed to targeting and scrambling specific genetic structures on a submolecular level. One such weapon was the madness virus engineered specifically to effect the enemy Kherubim and/or their hybrid offspring. Created by splicing the genetic material of both Kherans and Daemonites fabricating a deadly neurotoxin which targeted the brain of an infected Khera. the purer the genetic template the faster infection takes effect, causing the afflicted go insane and attack enemy and alley alike before causing lethal seizures in the exposed.

Psionic Biotech

Both during and before the onset of the New 52, the Daemonites were equal parts biological, psychokinetic and to an extent; mystical in nature. Sharing a hive minded link between each other and the central mind of their mental collective. A great many of their designs include the creation and propagation of Biotechnological Droids, similar albeit far in advanced to the Bleed drones employed by Daemonite Scientists. These machenoids are a cleaver union of science and mysticism, sporting Kyrptonian-level physical abilities; e.i. strength, speed, flight, invulnerability, etc. Plus the inbuilt capacity for long range teleportation. The Daem also boast advanced cloning technology capable of copying and super imposing the desired cellular templates needed to effect proper study. One of the most powerful utilities of the Daemon race is an artifact known as the Blue Flame, a techno-mystical artifact of tremendous power. Power enough to augment any Daemonite to the point of overpowering a sun charged Kryptonian with ease as well as act as a conduit which provides limitless energy both to equipment and which can be imparted to acolytes; giving them similar ability enhancements. They're ships and weaponry share similar psychic connections to their pilots and can be operated by a Daemonites telepathic abilities, as can their weaponry which is powered by the mentalists thought energy for activation. A few of which can be physically integrated into their very bodies and deployed via thought command.

Daemon Technology On Earth

Having squandered away battling a long done war on Earth for millenia, much of the Daemonites mechanical finds were scattered across the globe for twice as long an amount of time. Much of their equipment and industrial science had been integrated with that of the native species, as well as the Kherubim's own unique forms of modernization's over the coming centuries. One of the most explicit creations of a joint union between the warring factions is the Blade Ship; a culmination of advanced alien/human technologies having the power to enter and exit the Bleed as a means of instantaneous traversal both on and off board the vessel. The contingent of Kherubim known as the Brotherhood of the Sword often utilizing it's inter-dimensional transportation capabilities in guerrilla warfare tactics to kidnap a sizable chunk of Los Angeles' population to prevent their adversaries; the WildC.A.T.s from blasting their ship out of the sky. Other such conveniences built into the ships schematics include a hunter-killer task force comprising of Bladesmen spliced with Khera Shapers Guild genetic stock that double as ballistic missiles called scimitars; programmed to incapacitate opposing barracks while also seeking out and retrieving whomever or whatever it is their reprogrammable biometals facilitate them to act upon. The ship also comes with heavy plasma cannons capable of temporarily incapacitating Majestros for a while. Other such forms of Xenotech devised by Helspont while masquerading as James Wyvern of Pacificon Industries is the Biomass Enhancile program; a biophysical magnification process which focuses upon and enhances the natural anatomic structure of a user and enables them to weaponize it as an offensive measure. Such as cranking up bodily electric fields, multiplying skin, bone and muscle density, amping vocal decibel range or concentrating and externalizing stomach acid as a potent corrosive. These are the first stage applications of the program, the true function of the super soldier initiative is the creation of mass accumulative flesh golems through systematic cellular rewrite and combination. Taking enhancile recipients and amalgamating them into monstrous attack forms which respond to the leash holders commands; such a creation can give the likes of Majestic and Zealot a hard time before finally being subdued. Beyond such effects the Daemonites also practice in genetic engineering, finding new ways of tapping and magnifying the underlying biological potential in the native human species. Possessing cutting edge genetics technologies which not only allows the creation of hybridized post-humans whom share many of the Daemon race's supertropical traits like bolstered physical abilities, shapeshifting and ESP, or bestow vast psionic powers coupled with genetic augmentations upon baseline humans to make them potent rivals capable of fighting one of royals and their top enforcers. They're also highly adept at fabricating special mutagens designed specifically to trigger spontaneous mind controlled evolution based upon the in-depth study of a subjects genome so as to unlock and weaponize their metahuman potential, furthering the war effort against enemies of the imperium.


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