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As a child in Cincinnati, Ohio, Jeff was continually ridiculed for his slight frame and inability to take a joke. He would become furious when the kids would steal his glasses and call him names, which further fueled their relentless assault. Finding it difficult to make friends, he found refuge in comic books and computer games.

Character Evolution

At the age of 12, Jeff received a computer as a Christmas gift from his Well-to-do parents. He'd already mastered every computer game thrown at him and it took him no time to master the PC as well. Noticing that their usually downtrodden son had found solace in something, Jeff's parents rarely questioned him when he asked for money for upgrade after upgrade. By the time he graduated high school, Jeff had gotten contact lenses, a modern haircut and a new lease on life. He had a hard time explaining his bedroom to girls he'd bring over, however, as it had become one giant computer.

Jeff became quite a computer programmer by the time he graduated college at 21 and soon started to develop viruses as a means of having a little devious fun with his vast knowledge. When a virus he created was inadvertently set loose within the FBI's central computer system, wreaking havoc along the way, he was tracked down, arrested and detained by the Feds. In gauging his abilities as a programmer, the soon realized they'd be better served employing him than keeping him locked up and he was temporarily appointed to the reinstated G.I. Joe task force to help them stop the deadly Nano-mites unleashed by Cobra.

Jeff was later killed by Serpentor at the start of "The Last Stand" storyline.


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