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    Daegen Lok was a Je'daii Master of the Je'daii Order and active during the height of the Infinite Empire's reign. He was a skilled leader and Force user, and led the Je'daii forces during their war against the Rakata and their Infinite Empire when they invaded the Tython system.

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    Daegen Lok was found to be Force sensitive at a young age and taken in by the Je'daii Order to be trained in the ways of the Force and the balance. After attaining the rank of Je'daii Ranger, Lok would participate in the Despot War as Queen Hadiya of Shikaakwa gathered power, united the other planets in the system, and intended to take over the Je'daii's homeworld Tython. Lok went undercover during the fighting and took out Hadiya, ending the war and seeing the Je'daii victorious. He was then exiled to the prison moon Bogan after receiving a Force Vision of an invading dark army, prompting the Je'daii Council to label him crazed and mad.


    Daegen Lok was created by John Ostrander to be one of the main characters in his Dawn of the Jedi series, which takes place 25,000 years before the Original Trilogy of Star Wars movies as part of the Extended Universe.

    Major Story Arcs

    Early Life

    "Hadiya knew that she could only rule settled worlds if all the Je'daii were dead! I want to save the Je'daii and the system. But the Je'daii are stubborn and won't hear reason. They must be made to listen."

    -- Daegon Lok asking Queen Hadiya's former inner circle for aid.

    Lok was taken in as a young boy by the Je'daii Order and trained with Je'daii Master Quan-Jang to become a Je'daii Journeyer on Tython. As a Journeyer, Lok would travel to each of the nine Je'daii Temples scattered around the planet, learning from each of the subjects taught there. After he mastered the Temple's subjects, Lok was promoted to Je'daii Ranger, the ancient equivalent to the later Jedi Knights. As he gained the rank of Ranger, he would visit the planet Ska Gora as much as he could to observe the world in all its glory, relishing its peacefulness and harmony. Soon after, however, Queen Hadiya, leader of the neighboring system Shikaakwa, began to gather allies and consolidate her power, intending to invade and take over Tython in what would be known as the Despot War.

    Daegen Lok during the Great Despot War.
    Daegen Lok during the Great Despot War.

    Lok would lead many Je'daii and see them victorious through many battles, despite the Je'daii being outnumbered. With the help of Clan Ryo's Baron Volnos Ryo, Lok was able to infiltrate the Queen's forces under the guise of a Je'daii wanting to defect, gaining her loyalty and trust, eventually becoming one of her Generals. As he was undercover, however, he started to catch feelings for the Queen, which sparked an intimate relationship between the two as they became lovers. Lok would soon be reminded of his mission by Baron Ryo and kill the Queen in her tent, fight through a platoon of her best soldiers, and cause the eventual downfall of her army. Without the proper leadership, Hadiya's forces fell to the Je'daii at the battle of Kaleth, and the Je'daii promoted Lok to Je'daii Master for his exploits in the war.

    Lok would feel full of confidence and crave exploring, bringing his friend Je'daii Ranger Hawk Ryo into the Abyss of Ruh, a deep chasm under the Temple of Anil Kesh that was said to drive all who entered too deep into it mad. As the two Je'daii ventured down into the chasm, Lok had a Force Vision of a dark army wielding swords of fire. As he was dragged out of the chasm by Hawk, the two went straight to the Je'daii Council to inform them of his vision, but he was brushed off, labeled mad, and sent to the prison moon of Bogan, where all who choose the dark side over balance are kept. Lok would discover a crashed Pho-V starfighter from the Despot War on the moon, deep inside a tunnel leading to a large cavern. Over the course of twelve years, Lok would train himself and hone his abilities in the dark side, plotting his eventual escape.

    Prisoner of Bogan

    "I told the Council about my vision. The Council told me I was mad. I was exiled to Bogan until I renounced my vision--until I would tell them the lie they wanted to hear. Narrow-minded fools. I know what I saw. I know what I was called to do. I will not change. They will."

    -- Lok explaining his exile to Xesh.

    Lok with a Force saber.
    Lok with a Force saber.

    While on Bogan, Lok would receive a vision of the Force Hound Xesh as he made his way to Tython and sense his approach as he was sentenced to Bogan as well. Approaching the Force Hound one night, Lok reveals that he's figured out a way to release his cuffs without tripping the sensors, does the same for Xesh, and takes him to the crashed ship that he'd previously found. Informing Xesh of his vision and experience into the Abyss, Lok convinces the other prisoner to create a Force saber for him and escape the moon on the ship, which Xesh had powered up using his Force Lightning.

    Lok leads Xesh to the planet Kev Coeur, which is rich in crystalline materials, intending to find the right crystal to allow the Force Hound to construct Force sabers for the two. Lok cashes in some favors from old friends of his, gathering the finest crystals and intending to escape to the planet Nox to make them. He would be interrupted by Rangers Bel Zana, Jake Fenn, and Journeyer Sek'nos Rath, forcing him and Xesh to duel the Je'daii if they hoped to escape the planet. Lok uses his powers in the Force to defeat Zana and his skill with a blade to defeat Fenn, allowing him and Xesh to make their way to Nox.

    On Nox, Xesh creates a Force saber for Lok before the two head to Skrag's Cantina to meet up with Queen Hadiya's top Generals that were still alive after the Despot War. Lok knew the Generals still had forces that were loyal to them and implored them to follow him against Shikaakwa and Tython, claiming he wanted to save the Je'daii by forcing them to see reason. As Xesh sensed that they were being tracked, the two then left the cantina and Lok used a Force technique to trick Ranger Hawk Ryo, making him believe he was dueling Lok outside the cantina when Lok was actually at his starship, leaving with Xesh and the captured Shae Koda to the Clan Ryo fortress on Shikaakwa.

    Lok standing above the defeated Jake Renn.
    Lok standing above the defeated Jake Renn.

    Using the Force to gain admittance to the fortress, Lok this time asks Baron Volnos Ryo to create an army out of Hadiya loyalists and have them follow him, since the Queen's Generals didn't contribute. The conversation is interrupted as Hawk Ryo, Sek'nos Rath, Rori Fenn, and Trill make their way into the stronghold and challenge the two escapees. Lok engaged and defeated Rori Fenn fairly quickly but was overpowered by Hawk as his Mind Twist was defeated by the Twi'lek Ranger and was pinned against a wall by his Telekinesis. Lok would be able cut off the Ranger's right leg as he was distracted with Xesh and go on to duel Shae Koda as she broke free of her Mind Twist placed on her. As he overpowered the Journeyer, he tasked Xesh with finishing the female Je'daii and was surprised to find that Koda had convinced Xesh to turn against him. Lok couldn't handle the Force Hound and was captured again and sent back to cell on Bogan.

    Force War

    "It has been a year since the Rakatan Infinite Empire first attacked the Tython system. Xesh, once a Force Hound and slave to the Rakata, says that his former masters are also called 'The Builders' by many in the galaxy. We have known nothing bu destruction. They savaged the outpost at Furies Gate, then took the giants--Obri and Mawr and their moons--before we blunted their attack on Tython itself. They fell back to Ska Gora, making their base there. On every world this enemy has attacked they have enslaved the population and left ruin. Finally, the Je'daii saw the wisdom of creating Forcesabers, the weapon of the Rakatan Force Hounds. Xesh taught them how to make use of those weapons--blades of light channeled by the dark side of the Force. And at long last, the Je'daii admitted the truth of my vision and begged me to lead them. I descended from Bogan."

    -- An excerpt from Daegon Lok's journal.

    As the Infinite Empire invaded the system in hopes of capturing Tython, the Je'daii at first didn't take them seriously, which allowed the invaders to capture many of the planets in the system and threaten Tython itself. The Je'daii and their allies defended Tython at first and Shikaakwa, but Ska Gora fell to the invaders. The Je'daii saw the wisdom of creating Force sabers and also released Lok from Bogan, knowing his experience and skill in leading their forces would help them in their war effort. As he was released, Lok was put in charge of the Je'daii and worked closely with the Seers of the Order, Je'daii who used the Force to perceive enemy troop movements and attacks, allowing the Je'daii and their forces to get the edge against the Rakatan's despite being outnumbered.

    Lok fighting Shae Koda.
    Lok fighting Shae Koda.

    Lok would lead the Je'daii through numerous battles over the course of a year until him and his allies closed in on the main Rakatan force on Shikaakwa. Engaging multiple Flesh Raiders, mutated Rakata bred solely for war, alongside with Xesh, Shae Koda, and other Je'daii, their position is overrun by Rakatan Annihilators, the ancestors of the Spider Walker droids the CIS used during the Clone Wars, and Lok had to call in an airstrike from Hawk Ryo to protect him and the other Je'daii's lives. As soon as the Annihilators were destroyed, the Je'daii were able to over take the remaining Flesh Raiders and secure a much needed victory for the Je'daii and their allies.

    The next day, Lok was with Xesh, Master Rajivari, and Seer Tasha Ryo working out of Ryo Fortress in Shikaakwa, planning to push back the Rakatan forces after their previous victory. As Xesh laid to locate the main Rakatan force and attack the "head of the snake" - Skal'nas, the head of the Rakatan attacking force - knowing that with him gone, the Rakatan Sub-Predors (the Rakatan version of a General) would fight amongst themselves for power and splinter the Infinite Empire's forces. Xesh locates the base and the Je'daii send their forces in to attack, seemingly by surprise, lead by Lok and Masters Tem Madog, Quan-Jang, and Tave. As soon as the fighting started however, the Je'daii Seers received a vision in the Force showing them that the battle was a trap, and soon Flesh Raiders erupted from underground via hidden tunnels and surrounded the Je'daii's forces. Lok would fight valiantly but would be captured by Flesh Raiders, and as many other Je'daii fell in battle or were captured, master Rajivari eventually ordered a retreat.

    Lok would be taken to the lower levels of the Rakatan base and chained up as a prisoner. He would then be questioned by Xesh who had recently had his memories returned by Skal'nas and defected to the enemy's side after reliving what he'd done and deciding the Je'daii wouldn't accept him if they knew. As Xesh uses a Mind Twist on him, Lok's inner fears are shown to Skal'nas, revealing to him that an Infinity Gate is located at the bottom on the Abyss of Ruh. The Infinity Gate is what the Infinite Empire came to Tython for because it's a portal that can transport you to any world you wish. With it, the Rakata looked to take over and enslave any world they wished. Lok is then freed on the condition that he'll help Xesh and Skal'nas reach the bottom of the chasm, as he's the only one who knows a way past the Chaos Wall, a barrier towards the end of the Chasm that drives non-Force users in a catatonic state and fry droids' circuits when they entered it. After he gave Skal'nas and Xesh the means to get past the Barrier, he was left on the side of the Chasm chained up and easy pickings for any Flesh Raiders that were coming down.

    Lok fighting against Predor Skal'nas.
    Lok fighting against Predor Skal'nas.

    The Flesh Raiders would soon find the defenseless Je'daii, but even without a weapon and having his hands chained up, Lok was able to kill a few Flesh Raiders and take up their weapon, freeing himself. As he engaged multiple Flesh Raiders, Sek'nos Rath would come to his aid and fight them off as well. At one point, the two had their backs to a cliff and would still be able to defend themselves from dozens of Flesh Raiders attacking them. Lok soon found out that the two of them shared the same goal, getting revenge on Xesh. Leaving Rath behind, Lok runs into Shae Koda who had left the battle at Anil Kesh above to seek out Xesh as well, hoping to find a reason as to why he betrayed the Je'daii. Traveling with Koda atop her rancor dragon into the Chasm, Lok and Koda make their way to the bottom and confront Xesh and Skal'nas. After jumping into battle with Skal'nas, Lok attempts to subdue with his favored Force power, his Mind twist ability. This attempt backfires though as he is overwhelmed by the depths of Skal'nas's mind, and is ran through by the Rakata's Force saber. He would survive, and be taken to safety after Shae Koda's forgiveness caused him to denounce the Rakata again once and for all and strike down Skal'nas. With their leader gone and the Thor Yor at Anil Kesh activated by Tasha Ryo's sacrifice, the Je'daii quickly defeated the Infinite Empire and drove them from the system.

    Lok would be taken to Mahara Kesh to heal, and after regaining his strength would take any Je'daii who sought to still follow him into the Riftlands of Tython. Many Flesh Raiders now prowled those lands, and Lok made it his mission to find and kill every last one of them to ensure Tython remained safe in the years to come.

    Martial Skill

    "Mad? No. I honed my skills on Tython's dark moon. Preparing for what is to come."

    -- Lok and Baron Ryo

    Lok utilizing two Force sabers.
    Lok utilizing two Force sabers.

    Daegen Lok was one of the most skilled duelists in the Je'daii Order, able to effectively use steel swords and Force sabers against many different types of enemies. With the Je'daii's common steel swords, he was able to defeat hordes of enemies in the Despot War, and when he went undercover was promoted to General by Queen Hadiya herself. After assassinating the Twi'lek warlord, he was able to fight his way through a platoon of her best soldiers, leaving one alive on purpose to tell of the tale of his prowess.

    He would keep up his skills during his exile on Bogan, as his fights with Jake and Rori Fenn, as well as Shae Koda, were all short matches, seeing Lok the victor in each. With a Force saber, he was able to lead Je'daii forces to many victories against the Rakatan's Flesh Raider soldiers, charging in head first in each of the engagements. His level of skill wasn't hampered when he wielded two sabers, either, as he was able to fight off dozens of Flesh Raiders alongside Sek'nos Rath despite being backed against a cliff.

    Force Abilities

    "Weaker minds are suggestible to the will of the stronger mind and the Force. They see what I tell them to see."

    -- Lok describing his Mind Twist ability.

    Lok's patented Mind Twist.
    Lok's patented Mind Twist.

    Due to his exile on Bogan for over a decade, Daegen Lok was extremely proficient in the dark side of the Force. He was able to activate a Force saber the very first time he used one, even though Temple Masters couldn't ignite the blade. His areas of expertise were mainly in the mental aspects of the Force. On Bogan, he developed a strong variation of the Jedi Mind Trick, which he named the Mind Twist. With it, he was able to make Xesh believe his coat was strangling him, Ranger Bel Zana believe she was on fire to the point she actually received physical burns on her body, and make a man believe there were giant nashtah in his forge. On top of this, he could read the innermost fears of his enemies, and was even able to discern the innermost fear of a Je'daii Ranger on two occasions.

    His abilities weren't only limited to mental attacks, however. He was a powerful Telekinetic, able to collapse a large ceiling, dominate Journeyer Shae Koda, and push his one-time friend Slug a considerable distance. His skill extended into subtlety as well, as he figured out a way to unlock his shackles around his wrists on Bogan without tripping their sensors.

    For that, he had Force Lightning, a powerful Force attack that sucked away at the life force of the target. He would use this power without regard against Flesh Raiders when they invaded Tython, at one point completely vaporizing the head of one of the creatures.

    He's also displayed Force Sense, Telepathy, and the basic version of the Mind Trick.


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