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Dade Ellis is from St. Louis, Illinois and graduated from Yale University in Neurobiology, Geophysics, and Architecture. He is a founding member of and neuroscientist for the all-out scientific super-group known as World Corp.

Character Details / Questionnaire (from the pages of The Science Chronicle *):

Favorite Invention: Just for the pure enjoyment it's given me over the years, I think I'd have to say the record player.
Greatest Influence: No one person in particular, but music always inspires me.
Greatest Achievement: The near-eradication of blindness through cyber-optics.
Greatest Ambition: Sustainable peach.  

*The Science Chronicle is a fictional magazine in the comic Nowhere Men.

Character Creation

Dade Ellis was created by writer Eric Stephenson and artist Nate Bellegarde. He first appeared in Nowhere Men #1 published by Image Comics in 2012.

Character Evolution

Dade Ellis is one of the four founders of World Corp. With the help of his partners and the research of the company he wants to make the world a better place. He is considered to be the moral compass, if not the heart and soul, of World Corp.
When an experiment goes wrong and some scientist are killed in the curse of the event, Dade and Emerson Strange argue with Simon Grimshaw about the ethics and morality of World Corp.'s research. While Dade and Emerson believe what they are doing is to dangerous and not what they have signed up for, Simon believes their lack of vision and courage prevents the project from reaching completion. 
Later, Dade has not been seen in public for two years. A revealing article in The Science Chronicle says there's rumors that the sustained silence is due to a debilitating illness Emerson Strange has worked to keep secret. Furthermore, Ellis' involvement with a long-running project have left him bed-ridden, and possibly comatose, with only Strange monitoring Ellis' condition. 
When Dade finally awakes from his comatose state he seems to be delusional and does not recognize Emerson Strange.


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