Daddy Longlegs

    Character » Daddy Longlegs appears in 13 issues.

    A previously fifteen foot tall man who is exceptionally agile, Daddy Long legs became an ally of Spider-Woman and is now an average-sized man.

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    Too Short
    Too Short

    Ramsey Kole was born short, but still pursued his passion of dancing. However, he was always cut from dance troupes because of his short stature. Angered with his lot in life, Kole broke into Stark Industries. There, he snuck into a lab and when prevented from taking a formula that might help him grow, he knocked out Bill Foster and consumed a bottle of growth hormone plus various other decanters. Within minutes, he had grown to a height normal for a man his age. Overcome with joy, he went into the park and danced for the people there. However, soon he began to feel odd. Back at his house, he realized that he was growing again. In a few seconds, he had grown to the height of fifteen feet, his weight remaining the same and giving him the appearance of being stretched.


    Daddy Longlegs is a Marvel character and was created by Ann Nocenti and Brian Postman in 1982 and first appeared in Spider-Woman # 47.

    Character Evolution:

    Ramsey Kole worked hard his whole life to become a professional dancer but was constantly rebuffed from being invited into dance companies due to his short stature. Rejected again one day, he desperately wanted to become taller and ingested a formula still in its experimental stages from Stark Industries. It appeared to work but his happiness was short-lived, turning to horror as his body elongated into something freakish and extreme. Devastated and furious, he struck out against theatres where dance performances were held but was stopped by Spider-Woman (mostly) who in time helped him achieve a height he had wished for initially.

    Story Arcs

    Nutcracker Ballet
    Nutcracker Ballet

    Ramsey was unable to find employment yet again and in his anguish, attacked a concert hall that was hosting the dance troupe that had rejected him. However, Spider Woman came to their rescue. After a short skirmish, he grabbed the director and told her who he was. She revealed to him that she had thought he was a good dancer, but had thought him too small before his change. In an effort to prove to himself that he was a good dancer, he began to waltz for the audience. However, they laughed at him when he tripped over his own elongated legs. Overcome with grief, he ran away.

    Daddy Longlegs also appeared in the one shot Spider-Man, Firestar, and Iceman: At the Dallas Ballet Nutcracker where he attempted to circumvent the last performance of the Nutcracker Ballet through the use of hired thieves. Due to Spider-Man, Firestar and Iceman who had arrived to enjoy the performance, Daddy Longlegs was unsuccessful.

    He was later captured by Locksmith and put on display in an animal themed villain zoo. After being freed by Spider Woman, he is cured of his freakish condition by Doctor Malus, becoming a slightly taller adult man and finally getting what he had wanted to start with. Samples were taken from him and helped develop the formula that would create Goliath.

    Powers & Abilities

    Before being cured, Daddy Longlegs was 15 ft tall, exceptionally fast and agile and had super-human strength. He normally fought with a sharpened cane and retained his skilled as a dancer.


    Citizenship: American

    Marital Status: Single

    Occupation: Dancer, former professional criminal

    Gender: Male

    Height: 4'6" to 15'0" and then 5'10"

    Eyes: Brown

    Hair: Black

    Unusual Features: Pre-cure, he had extremely long legs and arms


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