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Dack is from the town of Drakeston on the plane of Fiora. While Dack was away on Alkabah, his family and friends there were killed by Sifa Grent in a ritual to keep Sifa young and beautiful. Dack has been tracking her ever since.

While on Alkabah Dack was caught stealing and the punishment was his right hand was dipped into boiling hot red dye that has now scared his arm permanently.

While Dack was still in mage school, he and his best friend Marsh were brash and started fights where ever they could. this lead to Marsh being stabbed from behind and Dack learning humility.


Dack was created as the main character for the 2012 Magic the Gathering comic book series. He is the creation of artist Martin Coccolo and writer Matt Forbeck.

Major Story Arcs

Magic the Gathering

Dack has just stolen the Ancient Fang from the Cult of Rakdos, on the plain of Ravnica, and is being chased by several of the cult's members and a very large dragon like creature. He is able to hide in a tower but runs into a Viashino, who is trying to rob anther man. Trapped Dack escapes by plainswalking to Fiora, but not before the Viashino has a chance to cut him with his tail.

Now safely on Fiora, Dack goes to the local watering hole where he is recognized, not in a good way and is forced to use magic to escape an angry mob. He runs up stairs where he runs into Alessa. After the two exchange pleasantries, Dack leaves her and plainswalks back to Ravinca.

Back at Ravinca, Dack goes to see the healer, Fadka, who heals his Viashino wound. While there she offers to heal is mysterious stained arm, but Dack refuses, claiming he keeps it as a reminder and it keeps him foucused. While Fadka is healing Dack, Vaclav Nosek shows up unannounced, and Dack promises him he will give him the dagger, when he is done with it.

Back at Dack's safe house Dack uses a spell to see what the last owner of the Fang saw. He sees his home town of Drakeston and a woman named Mariel, who is looking for Dack. He sees the owner of the Fang, an old woman named Sifa, kill Mariel and her army kill the townspeople. The last thing he sees is Sifa's face now young once again.

After putting the Fang away Dack heads off to Innistrad to find Sifa and get his revenge.

While in Innistrad, Dack is forced to save a mother and son from a group of vampires, While making their escape the Baron Eckhart Von Falkenrath, corners Dack and he is forced to pull out the Fang. Upon seeing it the Baron flies off. Once Dack gets the family to a safe house he looks into the dagger once again.

This time he sees Sifa's face again and the Baron's also. This time Sifa orders Baron, against his will to kill the people of Drakeston, and hints that she is looking for Dack. Dack now realizes that the dagger can control vampires and that Sifa is close by.

Spell Thief

After Sifa escapes Dack's grasp he fallows her magic trail to Echoir where he is forced to escape the Titan Collector's collection. He is able to planewalk out of Echoir and finds himself back in Drakeston. There he finds the vampire who was in charge the other vampires the night they killed everyone in Drakeston, and by looking into the magic of his sword Dack learns the vampire was forced against his will to kill the towns people. This fact forces Dack to spare the vampire's life.

Dack leaves Drakeston and goes to Talon and pays back Lito, for ruining the barkeeps life, then Dack heads back to Innistrad. There while visiting Ingrid and her father Hermann visited by Sorin Markov who orders him to hand over the The Ancient Fang. Dack complies to save Ingrid's life, and in doing so learns that Sifa is in Grixis. Dack says a quick goodbye Ingrid and planewalks to Grixis.

Once in Grixis, Dack allows himself to get captured by Malfegor's forces and taken to Malfegor's prison. There he learns that Sifa learned to planewalk by the unusual method of torque. Dack then escapes Malfegor's prison know why Sifa is evil but not what she is planning.

Path of Vengeance

Dack returns to Ravnica where he finds Valcav, beaten and left for dead. He takes Valcav to Fadka for some healing. There he runs into Maytov, who informs him that the Cult of Rakdos is looking for him and have put a huge price on his head. Dack leaves Valcav in the care of Fadka and looks for clues on where Sifa is.

Soon Dack realizes he is in over his head and needs the aid of Fadka, Valcav and Maytov to stop Sifa from destroying the Vitu-Ghazi tree and destroying all life on Rivnica. He is able to stop Sifa, by destroying the evil Planeswalker.



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