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    Dabura is the king of the Demon Realm, being placed under Babidi's control by a spell. Dabura has the special power of turning his enemies to stone, simply by spitting on them.

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    Dabura is the king of the demon world and Babidi's number one in charge. Dabura can turn his victims into stone by spitting on them. He displays this when he fights Gohan. He gives Gohan more than a challenge. Dabura is later killed by Buu though.

    Dabura is an incredible swordsman too and can gives the best a run for their money. When he's not using his sword he can hold is own with his immense strength, and powers.


    Dabura is somewhat cocky. Like most villains he believes he'll have an easy time with his opponents. He seems to like to toy with his enemies.


    Skin: Red with an M engraved on his head from Babidi

    Hair: Black

    Height: around 6'1"- 6'4"

    Age: 774

    Powers and Abilities

    As the highest powered Demon in Hell Dabura is powerful. He has been vaguely compared to Cell, but failed to defeat SSJ Gohan, which puts his strength up in the air. Dabura has all the basic powers of flight, energy blasts, superhuman strength, durability, and speed, that most DBZ characters posses though he also has some unique powers due to his demon heritage.


    Darkness Sword Attack - A rush attack where Dabura flies rapidly into his opponent with his conjured sword slashing repeatedly. After he knocks his opponent back Dabura rushes a second time only to stop and fire and Evil Impulse into his opponents face.

    Evil Flame - Dabura can fire a dark red blast from his mouth that scorches anything in its path.

    Evil Impulse - A large sphere of dark energy fired from one of Dabura's palms. This move is also named the Hell Blitz.

    Magic Materialization - Dabura is able to conjure objects out of thin air to aid him in battle. During his battle with Gohan, Dabura conjured a sword while he made a spear to impale Majin Buu. This power seems to be common among demons as Devilman can also conjure a trident.

    Slicing Attack - Dabura makes a swipe with his claws that creates a thin blue energy line that can cut through nearly anything. This is very similar to Freeza's Death Wave attack.

    Stone Spit - Anyone or anything that Dabura spits on will instantly turn to solid stone. This process can only be reversed when Dabura is killed. If the statue breaks then the person dies unless they are able to survive being broken into pieces, like Piccolo.

    Telepathy - Dabura can communicate via telepathy. He was able to do this with Babadi over a large planetary distance without any of the Z-Fighters noticing.


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