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Major Story Arcs

Heart of Darkness

D-Void feeding on the population of Gorlam Prime.
D-Void feeding on the population of Gorlam Prime.

D-Void called the entire population of Gorlam Prime to the Dead Universe , where it then fed off of every last being so it could awaken. When Galvatron arrives on Gorlam Prime with the Heart of Darkness, he enters the Dead Universe and D-Void attempts to feed on his unique energy but Galvatron manages to fight it off. D-Void then resurrects Nemesis Prime in the Dead Universe and sends him after Galvatron when he arrives on Dykayra. Although Galvatron and his forces overpower Nemesis Prime at first, a figment of D-Void then possesses Nemesis Prime and he then feeds off of the energy of Galvatron’s forces to grow stronger. Galvatron then battles the D-Void possessed Nemesis Prime, but he is overpowered. Just as D-Void is about to finish off Galvatron, the rest of Galvatron’s forces arrive and they drive it back into the trans-dimensional gateway it came from and Galvatron then blasts the portal, destroying it.


D-Void as Deceptigod
D-Void as Deceptigod

D-Void ticked Galvatron into bringing the Heart of Darkness inside Cybertron. Galvatron was under the belief that the Heart of Darkness would destroy Cybertron and prevent the Expansion of the Dead Universe. He thought he was saving Cybertron when in fact he was aiding in its destruction. When the Autobots interfered, the D-Void reached out through the Heart of Darkness and took control of Galvatron's army along with the Decepticons present, who were the most susceptible to its mind control. It combined them into a creature called the "Deceptigod" and attacked the Autobots. Megatron was able to resist D-Void's control and destroyed the Deceptigod with his Canon. Optimus Prime went after Galvatron who was headed to Vector Sigma with the aim of throwing the Heart of Darkness into the primal wellspring. Unfortunately Optimus arrived too late and Galvatron turned Vector Sigma into a portal through which the D-Void began to emerge. D-Void was ultimately stopped when Optimus Prime sacrificed himself by diving into Vector Sigma and used the Matrix of Leadership to defeat it, causing the "reboot" of Cybertron.

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