D. Oswald Heist

    Character » D. Oswald Heist appears in 11 issues.

    The writer of a book named "A Night Time Smoke", and "In Lieu of Flowers".

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    D. Oswald Heist is a member of the Cyclopean race and a famous novelist from Quietus, where he still lives in a lighthouse in the middle of nowhere. Heist had a son, Parone, who volunteered to fight for Landfall but later committed suicide when returning from the war.

    Heist is most popular for his book In Lieu of Flowers, but also wrote the novel A Night Time Smoke, a favorite book of Alana's. Prince Robot IV believes it contains hidden messages and is a "thinly veiled treatise on radical pacifism" that inspired Alana and Marko's criminal activities, Heist just wrote it for the money and says it is a "piece of shit" that is long out of print.


    D. Oswald Heist was created by Brian K. Vaughan & Fiona Staples , his first appearance was in Image Comic's Saga #12, however his book A Night Time Smoke was first mentioned in issue #2 and its cover seen in issue #3.

    Major Story Arcs

    Prince Robot IV has traveled to Quietus to see Heist and question him about A Night Time Smoke and its supposedly radical message. Upstairs in Heist's lighthouse, Alana and Marko are hiding with their family and Izabel. Refusing to betray his guests, Heist tries to deceive Prince Robot IV. Suddenly Gwendolyn storms into the lighthouse, seeking her ex-boyfriend Marko. Heist points his gun at her in a reflex, but she's quicker and kills Heist with her lance.

    Heist is cremated and his ashes scattered among his books.


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