Team » Czarnians appears in 22 issues.

    Alien race from the planet Czarnia, able to regenerate any part of their body and create clones with a single blood drop.

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    Originally Czarnians were referred to as Velorpians, the race's name was retroactively changed to Czarnians.They were a peaceful race having many social institutions better than Earth and it was a utopia going through a golden age until their "last son" was born with a pervasive attitude unlike their's. The planet's aspects are similar to Krypton's. All the inhabitants were wiped out after Lobo creates a small flying scorpion-like creatures with a lethal sting and unleashes it on his people who die very slow. He was born more muscular too. He only spared princess Sheba. Ms.Trib was Lobo's 4th grade teacher and also survived but was killed years later by him.

    After several years it was revealed that the Lobo everyone knows, is just an impostor and a survivor of the massacre caused by the real Lobo who is smaller in size and more polite. The news of an impersonator reached the real one and prepares to hunt him. However everything was false and the real impersonator was the new52 Lobo.

    Recently everything believed about czarnians has been put in doubt as Brainiac has reaperad accompained wuith a tribe of czarnians as savages as Lobo, who claim than his people were erased from Czarnia history books and make it possible than Lobo isn't as anomalous among his people as he thought once.


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