Character » Cypher appears in 6 issues.

    A hired killer with subtle mind-control abilities who was killing off the CEO's of companies doing top secret research for the government. Lucius Fox was the last CEO he was trying to kill before Batman stopped him.

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    Character History

    Cypher was a corporate spy sent in to control three CEOs and force them to commit suicide after they had been awarded a government weapons project. His last target was almost Lucius Fox before being foiled by Batman, Robin and Jean-Paul Valley. He was sent to Blackgate Penitentiary.

    He, along with Cluemaster, Electrocutioner and Czonk, later broke out of prison. Cypher tried to take control of them, but they were wearing ear-plugs since Cluemaster had anticipated this, and shot him down for his treachery.

    Powers & Abilities

    Cypher has the ability to mesmerize and hypnotize his victims using his precise voice. His mind-control in conversation can only command the victim to sleep, but if his voice is heard passively (via being held against one's will), he can gain full control of the victim and force him or her to do his bidding.

    In Other Media

    Beware the Batman

    Cypher the cyborg & his mind-control tendrils.
    Cypher the cyborg & his mind-control tendrils.

    Cypher appears in Beware the Batman. He is re-imagined as a cyborg agent of the League of Assassins. In "Control", he is assigned to take control of Jason Burr in order to re-create his Ion Cortex project. Katana tries to stop him, but also winds up mind-controlled. Batman comes after him and frees Burr and Katana, only to be controlled himself. Katana prompts Batman to break the mental link, allowing him to discover the link's weakness, and manages to defeat and arrest Cypher. At the end, however, Burr is still somehow controlled by Cypher.


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