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    The sweet, cynical City of Cynosure where the multiverse meets, and reality is relative to where you're standing. It can change sometimes from block to block.

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    Cynosure was created in an issue of Warp. It was originally suppose to be destroyed in the story line, but John Ostrander, who sat in on the plotting of the book, argued against it. Cynosure became the center of the First Comics multi-verse and the setting for Ostrander’s book Grimjack


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    Cynosure is located at the center of the multi-verse. Different dimensions phase in and out of Cynosure allowing travel between universes. The ease of transport between dimensions caused Cynosure to become a center of commerce. It is possible to go from one dimension to another by simply walking across a street. This can cause difficulties since the rules of reality can change with each dimension. The laws of physics may be different. Technology might work in one dimension while magic in another.

    Because not all dimensions are permanently connected to Cynosure, one runs the risk of being trapped in a dimension when one phases out. Not all dimensions are habitable by all life forms. Also, many areas like the Pit are so crime ridden that they are dangerous to outsiders.


    Council of Ministers

    For most of it's history, Cynosure was lead by a Council of Ministers. The council was made up of appointed members of the city's aristocrats. Elections were held only for minor bureaucratic positions. The most noted member of the Council was Lord William Honesworth, who was perhaps the only honest member. The Council's job was to oversee trade in Cynosure. No corporation could be shown favoritism for fear a trade war would break out. However, much of the Council was corrupted by the Alpha Centauri Commercial Empire. When this was found out, rival corporations assassinated most of the Council and a trade war broke out. After the Trade Wars, a council consisting of representatives of various corporations was created by Lord Honesworth.

    The Trans-dimensional Police

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    The TDP was the law enforcement division of the government. Grimjack was at one time a member partnered with Roscoe Schumacher. Grimjack left under a bad cloud. One branch of the TDP was the Shadow Cops who worked deep undercover and were a rival to Cadre.


    Cadre was a covert agency in Cynosure. It's mission was to protect the city from all threats. Any method was acceptable including bribery, blackmail, and assassination. The leader of the organization was Mayfair who recruited Grimjack after he left the TDP. The organization was originally based out of Mayfair's house and included only several agents. Eventually, the organization grew as did Mayfair's ambitions. This caused Grimjack to leave the organization.

    Lord Protector

    The Lord Protector was an artificial being constructed from cells and energies of all the dimensions. He had vast reality warping powers. The Lord Protector of Grimjack's time was Phaeton. They did not get along.


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