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    A former pilot who was transformed into a cyborg by Donald Pierce and became the second Reaver to be known as Skullbuster.

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    Cylla Markham was initially a pilot transporting Banshee and Forge with her plane for one of their missions. The plane was shot down and Cylla was left dying. However Donald Pierce rebuilt her into one of his Reavers. She served with the group until most of her teammates were slain by Trevor Fitzroy. She somehow survived but was left in stasis.

    She resurfaced in Japan to track her old enemy. She managed to have Wolverine, Sunfire and Gambit running for safety behind the walls of the Clan Yashida stronghold. However she proved no match for a combined attack by Jubilee and Yukio. She left to perform self-repairs.

    Later, Cylla joined an alliance with Bloodscream against Wolverine. They managed to track him down through a long trail over snowy mountains. But by the time they reached him, they were both exhausted due to the physical exertion of the trail and their food supplies having ended long ago. The vampire turned on Cylla and drank her blood. With his vigor restored, Bloodscream went on to fight Wolverine. Cylla was presumed deceased.

    She would soon turn up again alongside other members of the Reaver's when taking on a mission to procure Wolverine's dead body for a profit.

    Having somehow alerted the X-Men when attempting to move his entrapped body. Donald Pierce had the rest of their kill crew act as a distraction while Cylla used an atomic manipulation device to open the adamantium casing around their prize. Being taken down by Shadowcat the minuet they realize there's nothing in it.


    Cylla was created by Chris Claremont and Marc Silvestri in 1990 and first appeared in The Uncanny X-Men #260.

    Powers & Abilities

    Cylla possesses various cybernetic upgrades in various areas of strength, speed, reflexes, and durability in order to confront her target on equal ground. She is the single cybernetic production model of Pierce's cyborgs exceeding Lady Deathstrike and the Reavers which were nothing more then prototypes at the time.

    Strength: Cylla possesses superhuman strength due to her upgrades; she is capable of stopping a vehicle to a dead stop while in motion.

    Durability: Cylla is durable enough to survive a collapsing 3 to 5 story police building without injury and continue to engage in battle at optimal conditions. Her costume appears to be metallic and cybernetic, probably adding to her overall level of durability.

    Stamina: Her cybernetic implants and the nature of her being reduces lactic acid build up and allows her to operate at peak levels for hours if not days since her cybernetic component also has independent energy storage cells to keep her functioning for an undetermined amount of time. She is able to go days if not weeks without sleep, only occasionally powering down to recharge. She has shown to be capable of running at superhuman speeds for days, only occasionally stopping to feed her organic parts.

    Claws: She possesses one single retractable laminated molybdenum steel blade on the back of each hand.

    Speed/Reflex: Cylla is capable of running at superhuman speeds sufficient enough to chase down vehicles and make her able to run alongside Bloodscream. Her reflexes and perceptual reaction timing are superhuman allowing her to engage Wolverine in hand-to-hand battle and even out react and slash Wolverine multiple times before Wolverine could finish a single slash.

    Tech: Cylla wears a faceplate that has an inboard computer for slash trajectory, her eyes have built-in HUD projecting ranging data and target parallax on her cornea. She possesses night vision, standard vision and infrared vision, and is capable of switching between different modes for optimal efficiency during battle. She also possesses audio directional finders and a pulse-Doppler radar for blind fighting. Cylla also possesses a voice synthesizer capable of altering her voice to those of other people, and also possesses a wireless modem capable of hacking government systems and communication network.


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