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According to the cardback biography, Cyclotron was programed with the knowledge and strength of every superhero and supervillain. He was created in the hopes that he could be the ultimate tactition in the Justice League, able to anticipate the next moves a villain would make based on their prior tendencies. It could also recognize heroes unfamiliar to the rest of the League. The android is able to disguise himself as a human. Although he had only limited physical abilities. he did have two powers: he could rotate his torso and deliver the powerful "Twister Punch"  

Other Media:

Cyclotron has only made a comic book appearance in the Super Powers comic, but has made two other appearances, in toys:

Super Powers: 

Cyclotron was created exclusively for the Super Powers line of action figures. 

DC Universe Classics:

An updated Cyclotron was released in 2010 as a part of the 13th Wave of DC Universe Classics. 
 Powers and abilities:  
Cyclotron has knowledge of every superhero's and villain's powers and weaknesses. He also has the ability to disguise himself as a human, and deliver the "Twister Punch".

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