Dark Phoenix Saga:

Not exactly a Cyclops story, but this famous X-Men story is an event in Cyclop's life that really defines him.


Cyclop's solo mini-series!

Astonishing X-Men:

Joss Whedon's run (issues #1-24)


Cyclops and Wolverine's eventual split into the two different X-Men teams.


Covers Cyclops and Wolverine's different X-Men teams.

Uncanny X-Men:

The new Uncanny X-Men! Led by Cyclops after Regenesis.

Avengers vs. X-Men:

An important part of Cyclops' life. The Avengers and X-Men fight in a dispute over the Phoenix Force. Find out what happens to Cyclops!

Avengers Vs X-Men: Consequences:

Find out the consequences Cyclops faces after Avengers vs X-Men.

Uncanny X-Men:

After AvX, this series is centered around Cyclops' new team.


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