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    A French gangster who inherited the Cyclone suit and name from the deceased villain Andre Gerard. Has worked with the Maggia and Justine Hammer's Masters of Evil, and even briefly operated as a member of Hawkeye's heroic Thunderbolts.

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    He is the third Cyclone and operated as an agent for Justin Hammer. Fresson would later become a member of Justine Hammer's first incarnation of the Masters of Evil and battle the Thunderbolts and other heroes on numerous occasions. He also has his own family in the Maggia organization.

    When it was revealed that Justine Hammer planned on using her father's bio-weapon to control him and the other Masters of Evil, he agreed to join the Thunderbolts to protect Blackheath and stop her plot. Unlike the other ad-hoc Thunderbolts, he refused to change his codename while operating as a hero. Cyclone's heroic tendencies were limited to self-preservation, however, and the other Thunderbolts captured him and returned him to prison after he deserted them in battle.


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