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    The first supervillian called Cyclone. He battled Spider-Man and Moon Knight but was later a victim to Scourge. Was momentarily revived by The Hood only to die again.

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    Andre Gerard is the original Cyclone.
    Andre Gerard is the original Cyclone.

    Andre Gerard was the original Cyclone and was formerly an engineer that worked for NATO. He developed a weapon of war he called the cyclone which could generate powerful winds but NATO told Gerard they no longer needed him or required his device. Gerard was humiliated and used his device to become the costume criminal known as the Cyclone. He started his own gang and ended up kidnapping J. Jonah Jameson when he was visiting Paris, France. Cyclone demanded one million in bonds as ransom. Peter Parker and Robbie Robertson flew to Paris to help Jameson. Peter Parker changed to his Spidey outfit and trailed Robbie until he was jumped by Cyclone's gang. Spider Man managed to take down the thugs but Cyclone appeared and used his vortex powers to cause a wall to collapse burying the wall crawler. Cyclone captured Robbie Robertson and told Spider Man to bring him the million dollars in bonds within twenty four hours or both kidnapped Americans will die. Cyclone kept Jameson and Robertson tied up inside a cathedral when Spider Man appeared. Spider Man was able to take down the gang and defeat Cyclone by using a giant fan to create a vortex in reverse to Cyclone's. The costume criminal was slammed into a wall and knocked unconscious. Cyclone was apprehended and taken to prison.


    Cyclone was created by Ross Andru and Gerry Conway in 1975 and first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man # 143.

    Story Arcs

    The Masked Marauder had the Cyclone freed from prison and brought him to the United States to work for the Maggia as an assassin and enforcer. The Marauder sent the Cyclone to kill Spider Man and Moon Knight but he was defeated. Years later, Cyclone would meet his demise at the hands of the Scourge when he attended a meeting at the Bar with No Name in Ohio. The Scourge disguised himself as the bartender and killed Cyclone and the other criminals present.

    Arnim Zola created numerous proto-husks from DNA samples of deceased heroes and villains including Cyclone whom he called his Corpse Corps. These resurrected husks would secure riches to fund his genetic experiments but come into conflict with Deadpool afterAnimus steals some files from him. The merc with a mouth guns down Cyclone, Ringer, Cheetah and Bird-Man in a hail of gunfire. Deadpool destroys most of the proto-husks and defeats Arnim Zola.

    Dark Reign

    The Hood has resurrected some of the victims killed by the Scourge of the Underworld including the original Cyclone. The Hood has augmented the abilities of some of these resurrected criminals which makes them that much more dangerous. The Hood told his new army that the Scourge was secretly the Punisher and he has ordered them to eliminate Frank Castle. The spell that brought them back to life only lasts thirty days and only the Hood can extend their lives.

    Letha would demonstrate her new abilities when she induces blind rage in Cyclone and orders him to punch Mind-Wave during a heated argument. The Hood would dig up Castle's family and promised the Punisher that he would resurrect his family if he would kill a captured G.W. Bridge. Firebrand and Cyclone stood behind Castle after the Hood gave him the knife. Castle refused to kill Bridge and slashed Cyclone's neck. Cyclone is killed and the Punisher would force Firebrand to incinerate his resurrected family.

    Powers & Abilities

    Cyclone concealed a mechanism in his costume that enabled him to create and control cyclones in the form of tornado-force whirlwinds. Cyclone was able to accelerate volumes of air to great velocity within a radius of about 100 feet from his body. The winds he created were powerful enough to lift multiple men in the air and cause buildings to collapse. He also used the whirlwinds he created to lift and propel himself through the air. With the Hood's augmentations, Cyclone can condense the power of a cyclone into an impact point the size of a needle.


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