Character » Cyborgirl appears in 23 issues.

    LeTonya Charles destroyed herself due to the drug "Tar", but was given a second chance when she became Cyborgirl!

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    LeTonya Charles was the cause of all her own troubles. She became a Tar druggie, which destroyed much of her body. She would have died if it was not for her aunt, a scientist who helped repair Cyborg. This aunt fitted Charles with cybernetic implants, saving her life. But Charles could not see the good in her new self. She decided to go for the 'quick fix', using her new powers for personal gain.

    Before long, LeTonya Charles was a full-fledged super-villain, and a member of Villainy Inc, under the codename of Cyborgirl. Thirsting for power, she participated in the raid on Skartaris, home of the Warlord. The raid was foiled by Wonder Woman.

    Cyborgirl joined both Alexander Luthor's and Libra's incarnations of the Secret Society of Super-Villains.

    Terrified by the concept of banishment to another planet, Cyborgirl is among the group of villains who turn themselves over to the Justice League to avoid being sent to planet Salvation.

    Powers And Abilities

    Cyborgirl's powers stem from her implants.

    These include enhanced strength and durability, as well as several more offensive weapons. She has many of the same abilities as Cyborg, her cybernetic parts being based on the same model.


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