Cyborg has always been a very important part of the DCU, here is some of the most essential Cyborg related reading material.

New Teen Titans #1 - Volume One Chances are if you read comics you've heard of the legendary Wolfman/Parez run on the New Teen Titans which was the most popular, and often considered best series of the 1980's. It is in this series that Cyborg makes his first appearance, and where a lot of his character development is derived from. That link leads to a page on a book that collects the beginning of that run for anyone who would like to start that series, or for those who just want the book where it began.

Within this run, two issues stand out as essential reading for the character:

  • Tales of the New Teen Titans #1 - Cyborg a single issue from a spin off mini series that gave background information on all the Titans. This is essentially Cyborg's original origin story, and an absolute essential for the character. Anyone can pick this up, regardless of whether or not you've read any prior material.
  • Teen Titans Spotlight #13 - The Two Faces of Evil! Just like Tales of the New Teen Titans, this issue is a one off comic from a spin off series that anyone can read. If you want just one issue to sum up who Cyborg is, then this is the comic to do it. It is a moving story that really shows Cyborg's strength of character, his inner struggles, and why he's a true hero.

DC Special: Cyborg At the time this is being written Cyborg has yet to have his own ongoing series, however he has had his very own mini series. This book puts the spotlight on Cyborg, it gives him his very own complete and very personal story where he is pitted against, Mr. Orr, The Phantom Limbs, The Cyborg Revenge Squad, and even another Cyborg. The series is collected into a nice trade paperback and is a must read for any Cyborg fan

Justice League: Origin The book that kicks off the New 52 and gives Victor Stone a new origin and a new role in the DCU. It tells the story of how Vic became Cyborg, how he joined the Justice League, and how he helped fight off Darkseid to protect the earth. This book helps set the tone for Cyborg in the New 52, and is another piece of essential reading material.

Justice League, Issues: #27, #28, #29, Three issues of Justice League that push Cyborg to the forefront of the DCU as he needs to rebuild himself, set up his own backup team, and fight of his old renegade body. These issues take place right in the middle of the Forever Evil event, and to understand what's going on you do need to read that event, but the payoff is worth it as we see some of Cyborg's most defining character moments in the New 52.


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