Team » Cybersamurai appears in 9 issues.

    Yakuza crime syndicate group and rival of Clan Yashida, also called the Cyburai

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    The group was founded by  Lord Tatsu'o in a bid to gain new ground on his rival Yakuza of Japan. 




    Women remain in traditional roles of non leadership, they are expected to not question the deeds and behavior of husbands or male clan members and instead must cook clean and bear children.


    Clan members or soldiers are taken from they are young so they can be trained to serve and die for their lord and it also ensures that the child grows with the very best knowledge of the martial arts that they can offer. 


    Like most Yakuza body art plays a great part in distinguishing  this clan from others. Despite the typical tattoos they fashion a dragon tattoo which runs on the cheek to he forehead of group members on the right side of their face. 


    Once the male member reaches a certain age they are surgically enhanced with cybernetic enhancements to make them more than human. Some become cyborgs and others simply get a minor upgrade to enhance their skills.  


    They are also given yellow armor which enhances them further.

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