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Trikk Rhan comes from a planet named Azlon. Females reproduce by generating a shapeless mass of energy, which takes shape only upon contact with two living organisms. Generally, these two organisms are the child's parents, and it meshes the couple's characteristics prefectly.

In an attempt to spead peace and knowledge throughout the universe, a plan was formed to send out unseeded energy masses to distant planets inside high technology living sentient robots, known as the Sinn. The Sinn was to be the 'first parent'. On Earth, a human was to be the 'second parent'.Aboard the vessel named Kjell Sinn was the energy mass named Trikk Rhan, the son of Sicha Rhan and his mate Kjell Rhan.

A crash landing on Earth in a swamp caused the energy mass to release early. As it leaked out, the Sinn was the first contact as planned. But the energy mass of Trikk Rhan came into contact with a bullfrog. The result was a surly hero who enjoys fried chicken, caffeine and violence.

Powers & Abilities

Cyberfrog possesses a 'homing sense', an unstoppable force which directs him to crime scenes. Also, like a frog, he has an extended tongue, with which he can grab opponents. It also leaves behind a tiny explosive that detonates in 15 seconds.


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