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    Cyber Force is a Top Cow Superhero team created by artist Marc Silvestri and writer Eric Silvestri in 1992.The idea of the book is that a group of mutants that were capture by Cyberdata and were experimented on to become S.H.O.C.s (Special Hazardous Operations Cyborg) but soon after they broke out to form Cyber Force to fight Cyberdata.

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    Cyber Force is a superhero team consisting mostly of mutants. The mutants were experimented on and gained cybernetic implants which granted them new and improved powers. The team consists of:

    • Ballistic: Cassandra Lane, who is the older sister of Velocity. Her mutant powers grant her superhuman aim, making her an excellent markswoman.
    • Cyblade: Born in the European country of Chalenne, Dominique Thiebaut's history is shrouded in mystery. Her mutant powers give her the ability to generate blades of electromagnetic energy.
    • Heatwave: Dylan Cruise has the ability to absorb solar energy and use it both for offensive purposes, as well as flight. A former Navy SEAL, the military man Dylan Cruise has clashed often with the guerrilla fighter Stryker.
    • Impact: Boomer O'Shea was the muscle of Cyber Force. He died during one of Cyber Force's adventures. His death reminded his teammates that they must continue their heroism.
    • Ripclaw: A Native-American mutant with limited shape shifting. During one of his adventures he was cloned, and the clone was used as a villain during some plotlines.
    • Stryker: Major Morgan Striker was gravely injured during one of his missions. Cyberdata found his torn body and gave Stryker three fully functional cybernetic arms and replaced his right eye and ear with new ones.
    • Velocity: The younger sister of Ballistic, Carin Taylor is a mutant with superhuman speed. She's recently begun a relationship with Ripclaw.

    The members of Cyber Force were all captured by an enormous corporation bent on world domination named Cyberdata. Cyberdata was run by various scientists who experimented on the captured mutants. The scientists had developed a new technology, known by acronym S.H.O.C., or Special Hazardous Operation Cyborg. They applied the new technology on the mutants, enhancing their powers, but damaging them mentally. The experimented mutants had had enough and escaped the clutches of Cyberdata. They then banded together to form Cyber Force, with their primary goal being the takedown of Cyberdata.

    During the events of the Cyber Force/Hunter Killer crossover, Ellis returns after two years of wandering and learning about the Earth and it's people. Uncovering a plot by Morningstar and his new partners, Cyberdata, he arrives too late to prevent a skirmish between the Hunter Killer team and Cyber Force. Morningstar fed the HK team false information that Cyber Force was really a rogue group of Ultra Sapiens. After breaking up the fight and having Architect save Heatwave's life, the teams agree to work together to stop Morningstar.

    They split into 3 teams, with the purpose of hitting 3 targets simultaneously. The heroes are outmaneuvered by their opponents and there serious injuries to Architect and Cloak and several members are captured. Confronting Morningstar, the remaining heroes are able to free their comrades and stop Cyberdata from unleashing a viral signal that would effectively turn a large portion of the general population into Ultra Sapiens, who would have no idea how to control their newfound powers.

    They accomplished this by killing one of their own, Network, and installing Damper into the system that broadcasts the U-S virus. Cyber Force member Velocity is infected w/ the virus, and after the conflict, Ellis joins Cyber Force to help keep her new situation in check. Heatwave joins the HK team to keep an eye on them.


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