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Cyber Force #8 Review

I do however doubt that this series would be as good as it is if it wasn’t for original series creator Marc Silvestri working as writer of the series, as despite being best known for his phenomenal artwork he is also a fantastic writer. As for this issue itself Silvestri managed to give us both excitement and drama, with there being both great character interaction as well as some outstanding action. Silvesti also added some emotional moments throughout the issue, showing the difference in idealisms between Aphrodite V and Carin Taylor perfectly.

The artwork in this issue was also great, and Marco Turini did a fantastic job. The overall detail of Turini’s art was however a little inconsistent, with there being some rough panels near the start of the issue. Despite this for the better part of the issue Turini’s art was simply amazing, having a lot of depth and tone to it. Added to that the fact that the layouts added a lot of impact to the story, as well as Turini managing to show the emotion from Silvestri’s script perfectly and you get a very dynamic finish for a spectacular story.

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