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    A scientist who created cybernetic armor and wore it as a test.

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    Christina Chiles developed the suit in Syntex labs. She used her own brain pattern to build the suit's prototype, and used herself as test subject. If it would work, the suit would then go to mass production. Her first combat test was against a burglar, who turned out to be Catwoman. Cyber-Cat was winning the battle, but Catwoman escaped through the sewers. Christina saw it as her failure. She suspected that Catwoman might return to steal again, and so she did. When she again faced her, she was surprised by She-Cat, Catwoman used the distraction and two cat burglars made their escape. But Cyber-Cat managed to shoot one of her tracking devices into She-Cat's shoulder. She managed to track them down at the docks. Cat burglars fought valiantly, but were no match for Cyber-Cat's armor. In the end She-Cat tore one of her cables and Catwoman pushed her into water. Cyber-Cat felt that she failed again and refused to let the armor to be mass-produced. To top that, her employer was arrested for criminal acts. Christina took the armor and few other attack prototypes and went to search for Catwoman. Christina Chiles, was then hired to steal a prized artifact from a Gotham museum and assassinate Catwoman by Talia Al Ghul.


    Cyber-Cat was created by Doug Moench and Jim Balent in Catwoman #42

    Character Evolution

    Cyber-Cat immediately comes off as a hardened and confident warrior that is strictly business. She is originally ruthless and egotistic as well. After her armor is ripped apart by Catwoman, she immediately starts to cry and shows she was a only those things because of the suit.

    Major Story Arcs

    Catwoman's enemy

    It took time before Cyber-Cat managed to track down Catwoman again, and when she did, she almost killed her. Next time Catwoman herself came to her in all new cybernetic armor. The two again fought and Cyber-Cat lost, and her armor was destroyed. She promised to never cross path with Catwoman again.

    Hunting Circe

    It seems that somewhere along the line she reconstructed her armor and chose to be villain this time. She joined forces with other women in hunting heroes when Circe changed all men-heroes to half animals.

    Powers and Abilities

    Night Vision, Thermal Vision, Sonic Detection, Laser-Guidance, Radar, Tracking Devices, Laser Blast, Mini-Rocket Launcher, Prehensile Tail, Retractable Claws, Strength Amplifier, Bullet Resistant Casing, Long-Range Communication.

    In Other Media

    Video Games

    Catwoman (Gameboy)

    Cyber-Cat in Catwoman (Gameboy)
    Cyber-Cat in Catwoman (Gameboy)

    Cyber-Cat makes an appearance in the 1999 Nintendo Gameboy Catwoman game developed by Kemco.

    Ra's al Ghul hires Cyber-Cat to steal the Crystal Skull from the Gotham City Museum. Cyber-Cat snatches it right before Catwoman could, and Catwoman starts chasing her on the rooftops. Catwoman follows her to her hideout where Cyber-Cat defeats Catwoman and locks her up. Later on, Cyber-Cat fights Catwoman second time, but now she is wearing armor too, and Cyber-Cat is defeated.


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