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    One of Nemi's best friends.

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    Cyan is the best friend of the character Nemi, who in turn is the lead character in her self titled series of cartoons and comics Nemi. She has very distinctive cyan colored hair, but is otherwise very grounded in reality.


    Cyan was created by Lise Myhre

    Character Evolution

    Cyan is somewhat more grounded and responsible than her free spirited friend. She stands out quite easily and is distinguishable by way of her cyan colored hair. By no means one to conform, Cyan's relative normality as compared to Nemi, is often used to humorous effect, often to show us how childlike, sarcastic or strange Nemi's behavior can be. The differences in their personalities also serve to highlight how lazy and slobbish Nemi can be, with Cyan appearing to be much more ordered and collected. Despite their differences they have a close bond, earning their status as each other's best friends, Nemi often jumping to Cyan's aid and vice versa.

    Cyan has had two reoccurring boyfriends during the course of her appearances, Tim, who was a less than ideal punk metal musician (a less than successful punk metal musician it should be noted) and Leo, who is much more responsible and works much better into Cyan's dreams and aspirations for the future. There were also several periods of time when Cyan was without partner and she would generally mope over that absence.


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