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    The daughter of Terry Fitzgerald and Wanda Blake, who were Spawn's best friend and wife. She would later become Misery when she grows up.

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    Cyan is the precious young daughter of Wanda Blake, the widow of Al Simmons, who is better known as Spawn, and Terry Fitzgerald, the best friend of Al Simmons. Spawn has grown particularly fond of Cyan and has always kept an eye over her.

    Alternate Reality

    In an alternate future where Spawn has gained a medallion of power and turned the Earth into a demonic state, and where Spawn himself gained the powers of a god, young Cyan met and was trained by Zealot of the Coda. Upon the completion of her training, she took the name of Zealot, while Zealot took the name of Tapestry, and joined the future version of the WildC.A.T.s. Cyan had a mission to travel in the past and kill Spawn before he could find the medallion. However, something prevented her from killing Spawn and instead, she gathered him and the WildC.A.T.s into the future to battle the evil, god-like Spawn of the future, who was known as Ipsissimus. Upon defeating Ipsissimus, her reality dissipated.

    Other media

    Todd McFarlane's Spawn

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    Cyan Fitzgeral appeared in the HBO miniseries, he was voiced by Kath Souche in the season 1 and 2 and by Kate McFarlane in the Season 3. She is the daughter of Terry Fitzgerald and Wanda Blake, Cyan has had exciting times in her young life. Cyan was captured by at first by Tony Twist via Jason Wynn. Billy Kincaid got word of Cyan by Clown and then took her. Cyan was eventually saved and returned to her parents by Spawn. Meeting her mothers first husband in his demonic and Hellspawn form, Cyan dubbed Al Simmons the “Sad Man” for his sorrow filled voice and eyes. Before leaving Spawn’s company, Al gave Cyan the wedding ring from his buried corpse. This was the first sign to Wanda that Al was still watching over her, though not in the form she imagined.


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