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    Cutter is the eleventh chief of the Wolfriders

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    Cutter is the Chief of the Wolfriders, a band of forest dwelling Elves who are forced from their woodland home and embark upon a quest to find other lost tribes of Elves. Cutter is the son of Bearclaw, the previous Chief of the Wolfriders, and his lifemate Joyleaf.

    The Wolfriders where driven out of the "Holt" (their woodland den) by humans who burned the forest -- convinced that Cutter and his clan of peaceful elves were evil. Tricked into a long journey across a desert wasteland by scheming trolls, the Wolfriders were nearly killed, but eventually they happened upon a peaceful and unknown community of desert Elves known as the Sun folk.

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    Near death from the searing desert heat, Cutter leads a raiding party attack on the peaceful Sun Village. In the attack he captures Leetah, the beautiful daughter of the Sun Village Chief, and initially holds her for ransom. Leetah and the Sun Folk turn out to be another tribe of Elves, and Cutter and Leetah are Recognized, which to Elves brings a spiritual and biological imperative to mate that they cannot resist. Together, they became the parents of Suntop and his twin sister Ember, who would succeed Cutter as Chief of the Wolfriders.

    Cutter would eventually lead his people to the discovery of even more Elfin tribes on the World of Two Moons, such as the Gliders of Blue Mountain, the warlike Go-Backs, and the ocean-dwelling Wavedancers. He shared with Savah the profound calling of Tribal Reunification Recently, Cutter lead the Wolfriders through a bloody war with the human war-monger, Grohmul Djun.


    Cutter has super abilities. He wields the oft-lored New Moon, a sharp daggerblade-of-destiny. Once wielded by his father Bearclaw, it was forged in the cavernous deeps by the half-elf/half-troll Two-Edge, master of the forge. Until ElfQuest #13, he rides wolf Nightrunner, but in later series, he is actually seen riding upon Timmain, the she-wolf, last of The High-Ones. She settles in the High One's Palace and he is currently bonded to the wolf, Holdfast.


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