Cutter Sharp

    Character » Cutter Sharp appears in 45 issues.

    Close friend of and publicist to Supergirl. Ex-husband to Comet

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    Major Story Arcs

    Rhyme and Reason/ Double Identities

    Cutter proposes to Mattie Harcourt in the hospital, but before she can say yes, Bizarro Supergirl crashes through the ceiling and chases the couple. They are finally able to lose Bizarro Supergirl when she gets hit by a train while chasing the pair on a pogo stick.

    Many Happy Returns

    When Leesburg High School holds their Career Day, Cutter accompanies Mattie Harcourt, his fiancee, so she can promote becoming a medical personal. There Cutter learns he can make money selling gag gifts like X-ray Specks. He tries to joke with Mattie while she is talking to Kara, but Mattie brushes him off. Then when one of the workers has a heart attack, Cutter calls 911 while Mattie tries to help.

    Later Cutter and Mattie meet up with Linda Danvers. They inform her that they are getting married but before Linda can congratulate them Johnny Rebel attacks the school and Cutter gets pinned under a piece of the roof. This is when Cutter and Mattie learn that Linda is Supergirl. Linda lifts the derby off of Cutter and explains that yes she is Supergirl and right now she needs to stop Johnny Rebel. Linda flies off leaving Cutter and Mattie safe.

    Later, Cutter and Mattie are at the hospital when Linda shows up to see her new baby brother Wally. Cutter comments how jealous he is that Wally has hair. This is the last seen of Cutter Sharp.


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