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    Cutie Honey is an android built by Dr. Kisaragi based on his daughter who died in a car accident, Honey is able to change her appearance or clothing by using the atmospheric element condenser mechanism which resides in her body. She battles the evil Criminal Organization Panther Claw who seek to obtain the device her father made.

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    Cutie Honey is created by Go Nagai. She first appeared in Volume 41 of the 1973 Shonen Champion and is considered the first female protagonist to be in a Shonen Manga series. Go Nagai's inspiration for Cutie Honey came from classic shows where a character took on different appearances such as Bannai Tarao (a detective who could take on seven different faces) and Rainbowman (a tokusatsu hero who transformed into seven different forms).

    First Series

    Honey Kisaragi is the android daughter of Dr. Kisaragi. He created Honey so that so could fight the Criminal Organization known as Panther Claw and prevent them from obtaining the "Airborne Element Solidifier" which was installed in her body and gave her the ability to change her clothing or appearance. At the time she had no idea she was an android and was sent to Catholic school to hide from Panther Claw. While there she became friends with another student named Natsuko Aki. Later that night she heard her father calling for her and rushed out of her dorm and returned to her home and found her father killed by the Panther Claw member Black Claw. In a instant she turned into Cutie Honey and killed her fathers murderer. Despite her father was dead she still heard her calling her. As she came to his lab she encountered a android copy of her father, who was built to tell her everything in case he died. As she learned about what is in her body and Panther Claw. Her father also told Honey that her body is no different than a human and that she is able to feel pain, bleed and shed tears. He could have made her invulnerable but wanted her to be an android with human emotions, because to have a human heart means to have a human body. As she heard this Honey begun to cry and told her father thank you. Her father then told her some final words saying to protect her body from evil. As she left her home with Seiji Hayami, her father seft off a bomb to destroy their home and research so that Panther Claw or nobody else would use it for evil.

    Anime Time Line

    An example of her forms from Cutie Honey Flash.
    An example of her forms from Cutie Honey Flash.


    The cutey manga started in 1973 in the Shonen Champion Magazine. The series only lasted 2 volumes. At the same time an anime was airing in Japan the series lasted 25 episodes.


    The series came back as a sequel called New Cutey Honey which was the only known Cutey Honey anime in the U.S. at the time which was released by the now defunct ADV Films. Go Nagai personally hand picked the voice actress for the American dub. Go Nagai also made a sequel to the manga which was published in America by Studio Ironcat.

    A few years later the series was made into a Shojo series called Cutey Honey Flash which had a similar but different story to it. In this series Honey was not an android just a human who received a device to allow her to change her appearance.


    During the new age Cutey Honey was going to be filmed into a live action movie, while having an anime counterpart called RE: Cutie Honey which was made by studio Gainax. The movie was eventually released in America but without the anime counterpart by Bandai Entertainment.


    Honey has the ability to change her appearance by touching her choker and then saying the phrase "Honey Flash". Her most common appearances are that of a photographer, motorcycle rider, stage singer, model and a stewardess. Other than these she has been shown to be able to turn into an exact copy of anybody including enemies, such as when she turned into Tarantula Panther or a Panther Claw Grunt.

    She's able to increase her muscle mass. Among her basic abilities she is capable of jumping extremely high into the air over a hundred feet, lifting super heavy object easily (she's super strong), super speed even while underwater, and has a high resistance to extreme temperatures such as the arctic or the heat emitted from inside a volcano. Honey also possesses several gadgets including see through glasses that grant X-Ray vision although this is only used in her Honey Kisaragi form, ear rings that can amplify audio such as talking from long distances, and boots that allow her to walk on vertical surfaces as well as ceilings. Her primary weapon is a razor boomerang disguised as an arm band called the Honey Boomerang that can cut through most materials. On her necklace from the Element Change Device she can emit an electric beam called the Honey Beam. For her finishing weapon, Honey uses the SilverFleurette, an extremely sharp sword she wields with great skill and can sometimes transmit the Honey Beam through for a more accurate shot. The Silver Fleurette can also at rare times be used to spawn a whirlpool underwater called the Honey Storm and emit fire from the tip. Finally, Honey can use a combination of the Silver Fleurette with the Element Change Device to create jewels out of the atomic structure of the air called the Honey Special although this is only used in the final episode to use Sister Jill's greed against her. She's able to driving or piloting any man-made vehicle even when not in one of her alternate forms.

    She is also capable of changing her saliva into Nitro Glycerin or other types of liquid compounds. Other than her shapeshifiting abilities Honey is a skilled fighter and is skilled in fencing. Her main weapon is her Rapier which she uses in her battle form.


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