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    Curtiss Jackson is the head of The Corporation's west coast division and the founder of Power Broker, Inc. - a criminal organization that would augment the strength of paying individuals to superhuman levels.

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    Curtiss Jackson is the founder of Power Broker, Inc. This criminal organization would augment the strength of paying individuals to superhuman levels. The mad scientist Dr. Karl Malus worked for Power Broker, Inc and conducted experiments on a number of superhuman individuals. Curtiss Jackson would have his augmented henchmen act as enforcers and bodyguards for him. These men served as his movers and muscle and were called the Sweat Shop. Power Broker encountered Captain America and Demolition Man after they discovered one of Dr. Malus's secret labs. Power Broker's failed augments were dumped into the sewers, and these men were hideously deformed and prone to violence. The Night Shift and Captain America worked together to bring these failed augments to the Power Broker for treatment. Mr. Jackson was taken into police custody but would post bail. He was responsible for augmenting individuals like Sharon Ventura, the US Agent, and Battlestar.

    When the Scourge of the Underworld was hunting down Curtiss Jackson, he exposed himself to his own augmentation process to gain the super-strength needed for his defense. However, the process turned him into a grotesque, muscle-bound freak, and he could not move independently. A special exoskeleton suit was created for him so he could move through flight. He re-hired Dr. Karl Malus to find a cure for his condition. He had a number of his enhanced thugs and the Power Tools kidnap former wrestlers who went through the strength augmentation process to conduct experiments on them. He was eventually defeated by the US Agent and Battlestar. Curtiss Jackson remained a giant freak after the US Agent destroyed Dr. Karl Malus' equipment and records.

    Powers and Abilities

    Curtis Jackson wore a powerful exoskeleton suit that allowed him to move through flight. It also had a number of weapons like lasers and powerful claws.

    In Other Media

    Marvel Cinematic Universe

    Falcon and the Winter Soldier

    The Power Broker in the MCU is revealed to be the alias of Sharon Carter, who after her actions in Captain America: Civil War branded her an enemy of the state and went into hiding. She ended up in Madripoor where she began a cynical downward spiral against everything she once believed in and became the Power Broker. She hired Dr. Wilfred Nagel to recreate the Super Soldier serum in order to control the world that hurt her. Carter took Karli Morgenthau in after the world was slowly returning back to normal after the events of Avengers: Endgame. Karli betrayed her and took the serum for her own cause as The Flag-Smashers.


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