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Has probably added more history to the Superman universe than any other artist in DC history. Easily considered one of the top comic book artists of all time!

Based on work he did for the U.S. Army publication Stars and Stripes, DC editor Mort Weisinger gave Curt Swan his first assignment on Boy Commandos in 1945. He worked on many comics for DC Comics during the 1950s, but was best known as their top cover artist. He was the primary artist on Superman comics for 30 years.

Characters created by Curt Swan





Lucy Lane

Atomic Skull

Chemical King

Superboy Prime

Mari McCabe aka Vixen


Vril DoxII

Jo Nah aka Ultra Boy

Tasmia Mallor aka Shadow Lass

Laurie Lemmon


Fatal Five

Legion of Super Pets

Mysa Nal aka Black Witch

Eve Aries aka Saturn Queen

Anti Justice League

Lex Luthor Jr. aka Alex Luthor

Bizarro Batman aka Batzarro

Sarya aka Emerald Empress

Carl Draper aka Master Jailer


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