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Tony Millionaire on speed

"Conceived and Created" by Jeremy Bastian, Cursed Pirate Girl, published under the imprint of Olympian Publishing (after Archaia dropped the title), takes a step back in time to the graphics of the 18th century. With undulating word balloons going in all directions, the images are more evocative of a Jonathan Swift political cartoon than of any kind comic book. Unfortunately, the words within those balloons are often hard to read and consequently, the pacing of the story suffers. Taking just a few seconds to figure out if a certain character is a "c" or an "o" can make the difference between a punchline delivered or an "aha!" sighed in delayed exasperation.

However, as one reads on and gets used to the calligraphy, the tale is quite good. It's a buddy story about the pirate girl and the daughter of the governor of Port Elizabeth, Jamaica, a town made famous by the Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise. The dialogue is snappy, with just enough archaic slang to give it the appropriate Restoration Era flavor. The simple pen work is very lush and covers every square millimeter of every page. If you are a fan of heavy blacks, you will not be happy with this book. Putting all the elements of Cursed Pirate Girl together, the best way I can describe Bastain's art is Tony Millionaire on speed.

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