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Stuart Sarris was a shark expert that was working in pollution reversal research for the Riverco Company. Sarris was working on a concept called site specificity which theorized the way to reverse a given type of pollution is related to the exact area where the pollution originates. Sarris was making major breakthroughs in his research in the New York Harbors when the Riverco Company wanted to use his work to enable polluters to hide their doings without having to spend the money to make a real commitment to undoing their filth. Sarris claims that the Riverco Company had poisoned him with experimental pollution control chemicals to teach him a lesson and get him out of the way. Sarris who was spearheading the project in the New York Harbor would suddenly vanish. It turned out that the pollution control chemicals had transformed Sarris into a powerful submariner humanoid with tendrils protruding from his back. Sarris called himself Cuda and had attacked three shipping vessels in the harbor which resulted in numerous injuries and six fatalities. Darkhawk decided to investigate at the harbor when he was suddenly snared by some tendrils and taken underwater. Cuda told Darkhawk to abandon the harbor or face his wrath. Darkhawk was able to free himself from Cuda's grasp with a force blast and escaped. Darkhawk informed the authorities about Cuda and gave them a description of the enemy. 
Darkhawk would engage Cuda after he attacked another ship in the harbor. Cuda snared Darkhawk with his tendrils and started to drag him to his certain doom. Darkhawk aimed his force blast at a nearby sunken ship and the feedback forced Cuda to release his grip. Darkhawk reached the surface to get some needed air and headed back into the water when police in scuba gear swarmed the area for Cuda. The submariner fiend was able to escape when he fired a concussive capsule and the explosion provided the distraction he needed to elude capture. Chris Powell went to the Manhattan Library to do some research on sea life and hopefully find a way to beat Cuda. Powell discovered an article on Sarris from National Scientific Magazine and his work with water pollution. Powell realized that Sarris was really Cuda and headed back into the harbor as Darkhawk. During his search in the harbor, Darkhawk discovered a sunken ship covered in silt so he decided to look inside. Cuda attacked Darkhawk for trespassing into his home and tried to slash the intruder with his tooth blade. Darkhawk told Sarris that he had a case against Riverco and he could have sued them for millions, gained sympathy for himself and the fight against pollution. Cuda told Darkhawk that Riverco stole his ideas, poisoned him and forced him to abandon his family and work. No court settlement could undo what they had done to him. Cuda informed Darkhawk that he was trapped in the harbor and could only survive in the water that surrounded him. Cuda was attacking various shipping vessels because their activity might alter the chemical balances in the water. Cuda needed the pollution in the New York Harbor to live and he was willing to kill in order to survive. Cuda grabbed numerous objects with his tendrils and hurled them at Darkhawk. Cuda was defeated when Darkhawk blasted him out of the water with a powerful force blast and gave the knockout blow with a two handed uppercut. Darkhawk carried Cuda to a nearby NYPD patrol ship and told them to place him in a tank filled with water from the harbor before sending him to the Vault. The current whereabouts of Cuda are unknown.    


Cuda was created by Danny Fingeroth and Tod Smith in 1993 and first appeared in Darkhawk # 33.

Powers & Abilities

Cuda is a powerful submariner humanoid with four tendrils protruding from his back. Cuda has enhanced strength, durability and endurance. Cuda also carries a razor sharp serrated tooth blade which can fire tiny concussive capsules. Sarris was a shark expert and had major breakthroughs in pollution reversal research.

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