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    Character » Cu Chulainn appears in 46 issues.

    Cuchulain, also known as the Hound of Ulster, is a demi-god warrior of ancient Ireland.

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    Cuchulain once fought Thor, Fandral, Hogun and Volstagg to a standstill.


    After the War of the Worlds, Shamrock was left to guard the Book of Kells by Doctor Druid. The Book was revised to include the history of the wars and was to be guarded until a time when humanity could rebuild and use its knowledge. To help her defend the book, he released the soul of Cuchulain from within her.

    Together they protected the book until the 31st century. After meeting the Guardians of the Galaxy, they finally gave the book to humanity and together went to restore civilization to Europe. Cuchulain would eventually join the Guardians to assist them in rescuing their teammate Charlie-27.

    Powers & Abilities

    The Irish Wolfhound has great strength, durability and stamina. A great warrior with a passion for combat, he possesses great reflexes and fighting abilities. He carries a spear as his main weapon, but also a short sword as his side arm.


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    Cuchulainn, who lost most of his strength after being revised, was one of the inmates held at the Golden Boughs Retirement Village. When Mr. Revise allowed Cuchulainn’s original story to be restored, the spear of Morrigan magically appeared back in his hand. After the destruction of the Golden Boughs, Cuchulainn and Kiviuq set out on a quest to find Fabletown; whether they did succeed remains unknown.


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