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    Character » Crystal Frost appears in 36 issues.

    A former scientist who became an ice-based villain after an accident in a thermafrost chamber gave her the ability to generate and control cold.

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    This article is about the first person to use the name Killer Frost, Crystal Frost. For the second Killer Frost, see Louise Lincoln. For the current Killer Frost, see Caitlin Snow.


    The Birth of a new Killer
    The Birth of a new Killer

    Crystal Frost was studying at Hudson University towards a degree in engineering physics when she fell in love with one of her professors, Martin Stein. Sometime later, having gained her doctorate, she was working on a project in the Arctic and requested Stein's assistance, with the ulterior motive of reuniting with him. However, he rejected her advances, and, distraught, she accidentally locking herself in a thermafrost chamber, Frost gained the ability to generate waves of intense cold. Taking the name Killer Frost, she became a super villain bent on destroying men.


    Crystal Frost was created by Gerry Conway and Al Milgrom. She made her first appearance in Firestorm, The Nuclear Man #3.

    Major Story Arcs

    Secret Society of Super Villains

    Killer Frost joins forces with several other villains to create the Secret Society of Super Villains. Lead by the Ultra-Humanite from Earth-2, they seek to kill their arch-nemeses in order to force the universe to remove all heroes. She confronts Firestorm on Earth-2, and successfully brings a heavy roof down on his head, sending him to limbo. The multiverse removes heroes from Earth-2, but not from Frost's home on Earth-1. She and several other villains turn on Ultra-Humanite and the other Earth-2 villains, but are transported home and trapped there. Taking charge of the group she directs them against their own Justice League, successfully freezing Green Lantern and beaming up to their satellite. Using the inter-dimensional transmatter machine she successfully sends Cheetah in to break the heroes out of their containment. After the Justice Society and Justice League defeat the Earth-2 Secret Society, she and her compatriots meet them in limbo and seek their revenge.


    Firestorm and Killer Frost
    Firestorm and Killer Frost

    Killer Frost repeatedly clashes with Firestorm, but each time she is defeated and imprisoned. During one period of escape from prison she goes to Louise Lincoln, a former college friend, who discovers that Killer Frost is dying due to her powers. She begins attacking people to draw out their heat, killing them in the process. She is confronted by Firestorm, and, believing that his heat may be the only thing to cure her disease, she induces him to give her all of his heat power. She is overwhelmed, and atomized by the outpouring of heat.

    Blackest Night

    Entombed below the Hall of Justice, Killer Frost is raised from the dead by a Black Lantern ring. Her activities during the Blackest Night are unknown, she presumably engages in the war on the living. She is returned to the grave following the conclusion of the Night.

    Alternate Versions

    Justice League Adventures

    Killer Frost appears alongside several other ice-based villains in this comic.

    Personal Data:

    Killer Frost
    Killer Frost

    Alter Ego: Dr. Crystal Frost

    Occupation: Super Villains, Scientist

    Marital Status: Single

    Known Relatives: None

    Group Affiliation: Secret Society of Supervillains

    Villains: None

    Base of Operation: Mobile

    First Appearance: Firestorm #3

    Height: Five Feet Three Inches

    Weight: 105 pounds

    Eyes: Blue

    Hair: White, sometimes blue

    Powers and Abilities

    The Frozen Kiss of Death
    The Frozen Kiss of Death

    Killer Frost has the power of thermokinetic cryokinesis. She is able to absorb heat from her surroundings and transmute this heat into waves of intense cold; thus, any heat or heat-based weaponry makes her more powerful. She can generate this cold to a variety of effects, including creating ice structures, waves of frigid air, and freezing objects solid. She is able to absorb heat from others, and often does so by kissing people and lowering their body temperature until they freeze to death.

    Other Media


    Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay

    Killer Frost From Suicide Squad: Hell To Pay
    Killer Frost From Suicide Squad: Hell To Pay

    Killer Frost appears as a member of the Suicide Squad in this film, voiced by Kristin Bauer van Straten. Her backstory in this universe did not involve a laboratory accident - rather, she was born a metahuman with freezing powers, and at a young age she killed her abusive parents with her powers. Her years after that involved a criminal lifestyle until she was captured and brought to Belle Reve, where Amanda Waller recruited her for the Suicide Squad.

    When Waller sends Frost with Deadshot, Bronze Tiger, Captain Boomerang, Copperhead and Harley Quinn on a mission to retrieve the Get Out Of Hell Free card, Frost is kidnapped by a rival team consisting of Zoom, Silver Banshee and Blockbuster. Zoom wants the card for his own reasons and persuades Frost to join his side, using his vibrational powers to remove the micro-bomb Waller placed in Frost's neck. Frost joins forces with Zoom and betrays the Suicide Squad, freezing them in ice below the shoulders in their battle with Vandal Savage, while Frost and Zoom use their powers to remove the card from inside Vandal's chest. However, Frost then performs a triple-cross, betraying her new team by freezing Zoom in a block of ice and killing Banshee and Blockbuster. Intending to steal the card and sell it to the highest bidder, she attempts to make her getaway, but Copperhead breaks free from the ice and attacks her. The two of them fight it out until Waller detonates the bomb in Copperhead's neck, with the resulting explosion killing both Copperhead and Frost.


    Young Justice

    Killer Frost appears as an antagonist in three episodes of this series, making her first appearance in "Independence Day" and a more central appearance in "Terrors." She is voiced by Sarah Shahi.

    Video Games

    Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes

    Killer Frost is an unlockable character in this video game. She does not speak in her appearance.

    Young Justice: Legacy

    Killer Frost appears as a boss in this video game. She is voiced by Vanessa Marshall.


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