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In life, Brandi was the girlfriend of Jon Webb, later known as the Skeleton Man. She was riding in his car one night when a deer jumped in front of the car. Jon lost control of the car and they died. Brandi returned as a ghost and learned that Jon has been resuscitated. She chose to stay on Earth to be close to Jon as he takes care of the Salem Woods Cemetery, but she isn't happy about it.


Written and drawn by Jim Balent.

Witch War

Brandi makes her first comic book appearance when Sally and Susan have completed what they were told to do but stop at a tomb that takes the shape of a small stone building enter it.

They are immediately asked if they recovered their body to which they respond that they did not, as some evil pumpkin monsters took it. The voice becomes even more questioning and asks of Jon's whereabouts.

The Twins tell her not to worry and that Jon went off with the pretty lady to get the body back.

It is then that the bearer of the voice, Brandi is seen as she as she says, "Pretty lady? ...tell me more."

Later, on the night of Samhain, in the silent Salem Woods Cemetery all is at peace when in a magickal moment, the Skeleton Man and Tarot appear, smoke swirling around their lower bodies. Tarot immediately demands that Jon summon The Twins as time is running out, midnight is coming soon and they need the girls now. Tarot urgently reminds Jon of what they set out to do and Jon tells her Sally and Susan must be close as their grave is not far off.

A voice answers Jon's words telling him that The Twins are indeed about and he need not worry. However, then the voice moves on to Tarot and asks her if she is the pretty redhead the girls spoke of. It becomes evident that the bearer of this voice, Brandi, does not care for Tarot as she insults her leather armor and then asks Jon what Tarot is doing at the cemetery.

Skeleton Man exclaims with joy when he sees Brandi and tells Tarot that this is the girlfriend he was talking about, Tarot tells him she assumed as much but Brandi begins some drama, interrupting the mission as she yells at Jon and tells him that she is no longer Brandi. Brandi died in the car accident, now all she is naught but some crypt chick, she has no identity she is just the Crypt Chick.

She begins to take out her anger at her current state on Tarot when she complains how unlike Rowan she does not even have the sense of touch and feelings of warmth that the witch does, in fact she doesn't even have a body.

Tarot tells Brandi to keep her out of her endless moaning and rude comments but Brandi responds by mocking Tarot for being sensitive and asks if its the red hair and then asks Jon if Tarot is a natural redhead.

A dismayed Skeleton Man tries to defend Tarot and tells Brandi that despite what she's been through doesn't mean she has a right to be hard on everyone else. Brandi spitefully tells him that she is Crypt Chick and does not need his sympathy. Finally, she once again asks Jon what Tarot is doing at the cemetery with him.

He tells her that they have come to talk to The Twins so they can locate their body and Tarot's stolen book. Brandi inquires about the book and Jon tells her it can raise the dead, making Brandi even more curious.

Tarot steps in and explains the forbidden spell book confirming that some spells within it can indeed raise the dead. Brandi interrupts and asks why they'd make a forbidden book as that obviously means the spells are evil. Tarot says that the book is filled with knowledge and knowledge is never evil meaning that the book can only be used for evil but even if they are sworn not to practice the forbidden spells does not mean they should not study them.

Suddenly Wraith and The Twins burst on to the seen, speeding for Jon the Twins ask whether or not he has their body yet. Before he can answer, his dog leaps upon him and licks him but after calming him down Jon stands in front of the girls once again and tells them they must concentrate on their body and tell him what they see, and within a few moments Tarot realizes she knows the place.

Brandi smiles and says that while they retrieve the body she can keep an eye on the girls and make sure they stay under control. Jon thinks its an awesome idea and welcomes 'Crypt Chick' to the team. Brandi asks Tarot if she has a problem with it and though the tension between the two is thick, Tarot answers, "No problem."

In the tower, Raven's lips near those of the skeletal remains of Sally and Susan. She begins to speak of how long she has been awaiting this day and how she tingles with excitement for it has finally come but she is interrupted by a voice that sarcastically apologizes and then tells her she will have to wait a little longer. Raven turns around in outrage shouting, "What? Who's there?! How did you get in?!"

A shadowed Brandi stands across from Raven and assures her that Raven need not concern herself with her arrival and then says that she has something that may be of interest to the dark witch. Raven simply becomes further infuriated and orders her undead crows to devour Brandi.

The crows go to attack but all harmlessly pass through the spirit who scoffs and lets Raven know that nothing can touch her lest she allow it to. She then tries to get the sorceress to listen by announcing to her that each of them have something the other needs.

Raven glares and asks what Brandi could have that she could possibly need. "Information." the Crypt Chick says in response as she knows of a small, yet also powerful force that seeks to stop Raven.

Raven angrily asks for more information regarding this matter but is insulted when Brandi casually ignores the comment and demands the favor she seeks instead. Asking Raven whether she truly possesses the Forbidden Book of magick that can raise the dead, she is met with the stoic Raven's answer of "I do."

So it is that Brandi asks if in return for information, Raven would raise someone from the dead...Brandi. The Crypt Chick takes notice of the open spell book and Raven proudly displays it but tells Brandi the spell needed for resurrection will take preparation, so she must do it another day, if she gets the information at that moment of course...


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